Kel-Tec launches new KS7 12-gauge shotgun at SHOT Show 2019 (VIDEO)

Kris ‘Hammer’ Hammerstrom of Kel-Tec showed us the soon-to-be-released KS7 pump action 12-gauge shotgun at SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas.

Unlike the KSG platform of dual-tubed magazine shotguns, the KS7 sports a single tube magazine that holds 6+1 3-inch shells. It features an improved design that makes the KS7 almost 2 pounds lighter than the KSG series and eliminates about 20 parts. This makes the KS7 more reliable and cheaper to produce.

As a result, the KS7 has an MSRP of $495 — almost half the price of the KSG series. It keeps all the same ergonomics but sports a new carry handle with high visibility fiber optic sights built into it, along with M-Lok slots on the handle and on the action.

The KS7 should be available around May 2019. Keep up to date with release dates and info on the Kel-Tec website.

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