8 Affordable AR-15s To Fit Any Budget

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Affordable AR-15

While we all want to drop coin on tricked out, AR platform rifles not all of us can afford the high-dollar price tags. For those moments, we turn to affordable AR-15 models. Guns.com has pulled together some of our favorite and wallet-friendly models for those minding their bank accounts.

1. S&W M&P15

Affordable AR-15 smith and wesson m&p 15

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 burst onto the AR-15 scene in 2006, debuting at SHOT Show. Marked with the “Military and Police” moniker, the rifle provided a rugged, semi-automatic build designed for law enforcement, recreational, sports and professional shooters.

Now a staple in the AR-15 realm, the Smith & Wesson M&P15 offers a wide swath of options from barrel length to caliber to state-compliant models making it a great option for gun owners who prefer a little variety to life. Those that prefer the standard model, will find a 16-inch barrel length with a 30-round capacity magazine and weight around 6.85-pounds. The M&P15 Sport II retails for $769 with used prices subverting that price tag.

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2. Diamondback DB-15

Affordable AR-15 diamondback db-15

Diamondback Firearms is known for making affordable firearms for price-conscious consumers. The DB-15 proves no different. Made in the good ole USA, the DB-15 comes in the shooter’s choice of loadout with options ranging from simple color options all the way to sights and stocks.

The gas-impingement rifles are chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem and sport barrel lengths from 16-inches to 18-inches with weights around 6.65-pounds. Even better, the rifles start around $500 but again used models lower that price under that mark.


3. DPMS Oracle

Affordable AR-15

When budget is of the utmost priority and you need an AR-15 for just under $500, look no further than the DPMS Oracle. Chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem, the Oracle brings a 16-inch barrel to a lightweight 6.4-pound frame. The all-black AR boasts a flattop railed receiver and railed gas block offering attachment points for optics if you want to further trick the build out.

Other features include a Glacier handguard, A2 pistol grip, A2 birdcage flash hider and Pardus stock. The platform is rounded out with a 30-round mag. Though MSRP is $793, street prices hover just under the $500 mark.

4. Rock River LAR-15 RRAGE

Affordable AR-15

Chambered in, you guessed it, 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem, the LAR-15 RRAGE from Rock River Arms brings a 36-inch frame and marries it with a 16-inch lightweight barrel topped with A2-style flash hider. The AR-15 offers a carbine-length gas system with a low-profile gas block, Rock River Arms single-stage trigger, and M-LOK compatible handguard for those accessories.

The LAR-15 RRAGE sports a 30-round magazine but, most impressively, offers a modest street price. Though it retails at $760, consumers can find it well under $630 and used prices even lower than that.

5. Adams Arms Agency

Affordable AR-15

The Adams Arms Agency is a truly wallet-friendly AR-15, keeping with the basics to ensure that price stays in a sweet spot for budget-minded consumers. The 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem build features a flat-top upper, six-position retractable stock and M-4 style polymer handguards. The Agency sticks to that tried and true 16-inch barrel design, offering a threaded muzzle with an A2 flash hider.

The greatest advantage to the Agency Arms Agency is the street price – often less than $600.

6. Ruger AR-556

Affordable AR-15

A modern sporting rifle, the Ruger AR-556 delivers an all-black AR-15 platform featuring adjustable sights, QD socket and bayonet lug, single-stage trigger positioned in an enlarged trigger guard and six-position, telescoping buttstock. Equipped with a carbine length gas system, the AR-556 sports a 16.10-inch barrel length, overall length of 32.25-inches to 35.50-inches depending on stock position, and weight of 6.5-pounds.

The Ruger AR-556, chambered in the obvious choice of 5.56 NATO, ships with one Magpul 30-round PMAG. The AR-556 retails for $799 with actual prices coming closer to $640.

7. Palmetto State Arms Freedom Carbine

Affordable AR-15

Palmetto State Arms enters this list with an AR catering to consumers looking to stick to a budget. Featuring a 16-inch barrel with an overall length of 32-inches, the Freedom Carbine weighs in at 6.8-pounds. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, the Freedom offers features like an AR-style grip, PSA M4 Carbine Stock and PSA single-stage trigger assembly.

The PSA Freedom offers an MSRP of around $600.

8. Bushmaster XM-15

Affordable AR-15

Bushmaster brings the XM-15 Standard to consumers looking for multiple pricing options. Featuring a variety of models to suit a range of budgets, the 5.56 NATO XM-15 Standard features barrel lengths of either 16-inches or 20-inches. Offering a 30-round mag capacity, the XM-15 delivers a modern sporting rifle design with an M16 bolt carrier and weights between 6-pounds and 8-pounds.

With a bevy of models, the Bushmaster XM-15 starts around $895 with actual prices falling under $700.
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For these models and more, check out Guns.com’s full lineup of AR-15s.

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