Virginia-based Zenith Firearms announced last week they are cutting ties with the Turkish state-owned gunmaker they have been associated with for years and are going all-American. 

Zenith has been a partner with the Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, best known as MKE, since 2011, and long imported MKE’s MP-5 clones to the U.S. consumer market. However, with the Turkish company reportedly teaming up with Century Arms on the AP-5, Zenith has made the call to go it alone.

"Those with a love of the roller-delayed platform, watch for Zenith’s US-manufactured product launch in 2021!" says the company in a popcorn-worthy blog post detailing the bumpy history with MKE over the past decade. 

Zenith has been in the MP-5 biz for a minute, largely with MKE's help, but is now going to stand on their own feet with a U.S.-made product. Shown here is a Zenith Z-5P. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Zenith says they will continue to service models that were imported under its brand as well as work on roller-delayed firearms sent to its Virginia shop for repair, upgrades, and refurbishments. 

MKE, founded in 1950, decades ago set up a roller-locked line in cooperation with HK to make such guns for the Turkish military and has also found good luck selling them overseas. (Photo: MKE)


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