Confirming rumors and leaks, KelTec on Tuesday announced the new P50, a 50-round 5.7x28mm pistol, is inbound for 2021.

Using horizontally-oriented FN P90 mags secured under a top cover, the 3.2-pound large-format pistol runs 15 inches overall with a threaded 9.6-inch barrel. The gun is distinctive, with a look that recalls the futuristic polymer guns of the 1980s. This includes firearms such as the KelTec founder George Kellgren's TEC9 and the Calico-series firearms, a fact that the Florida-based company salutes in the P50's description.  

"It doesn’t come with a white Ferrari and salmon blazer, however it does come with some other amazing features including two 50-round magazines," says KelTec. "This 5.7 chambered handgun is sure to gather props from your buddies and range rats alike."

ammo box next to keltec logo
The P50 uses the same 50-round mag that was created for the FN P90 PDW and PS90 Carbine. New mags generally run about $40.
keltec p50
And, while the P90/PS90 fed with the flat magazine's lips facing down, the P50 apparently feeds with the lips facing up, with the pistol's barrel pivoting with the top cover.
Not marketed with a pistol brace, the P50 has a QD sling point at the bottom of the pistol grip and another sling attachment at the rear of the frame.
p50 pistol
You can bet that the P50 will live an active life in sci-fi films, games, and series, even if it turns out to be vaporware. It already has a passing resemblance to the WESTAR blasters in the Mandalorian


Other features include a bottom accessory rail, a top Picatinny rail for optics, and a 1/2x28TPI thread pitch barrel for suppressors and muzzle devices. Meanwhile, the trigger pull is listed as 5 pounds while height is given as 6.7 inches.

MSRP on the KelTec P50 is set at $995 with shipping to commence in the first quarter of 2021. 

At that point, it will join other new 5.7mm pistols on the market such as the Ruger 57, a corresponding model of the CMMG Banshee, and the Diamondback DBX. To help meet the growing demand for the cartridge, which for years was virtually an FN-only impetus, Federal has recently introduced a 40-grain Speer Gold Dot load that probably cannot get here soon enough.

James Reeves of TFB met up with KelTec's Chad Enos to lay hands on one of these neat new 5.7mm blasters. Check that out in the video below.