Keeping it short and sweet, Heritage Manufacturing this week announced the latest in its line of affordable single-action revolvers, the .22LR Barkeep series. 

An ode to the shortened Sheriff's Model and Storekeeper variants of the venerable Colt Single Action Army, the Heritage Barkeep is trim and sports just a 2.68-inch barrel. The six-shot .22LR is a traditional cowboy wheel gun, with a long-spurred hammer, fixed front sight, and rear notch. Due to the short length of the barrel, the revolver does not have an on-board ejection rod. Instead, the guns ship with a simple wood-handled ejector pin tool for use in manually removing spent cases. 

The Barkeep will be available in two models, with a choice of either a standard black oxide or case-hardened frame finish and corresponding faux gray pearl or scrolled wooden grips. 

black oxide barkeep revolver
The Barkeep is a single-action-only revolver and weighs 35.5 ounces. This is the standard black oxide model with gray pearl grips. 
wood grip barkeep
With a barrel length of 2.68 inches, the Barkeep is 7.95 inches overall and stands 4.86 inches high. This is the case-hardened frame model with turned wood grips. 

MSRP on the Barkeep series tops out at $189.39. This puts it just slightly less than the Ruger Wrangler, but the Wrangler is currently just offered with a longer 4.62-inch barrel and a more utilitarian Cerakote finish. 

A subsidiary of Taurus International Corporation, Heritage manufactured an impressive 187,104 revolvers in 2018, mostly .22s, as detailed by federal regulators. The company recently opened a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Bainbridge, Georgia, and is increasingly moving production to the U.S.


revolver barrel loading graphic