Emerging from a federal bankruptcy sale, the nation's oldest firearms company is setting the stage for a comeback in 2021. 

The new RemArms Company has received its federal firearms license and is making offers to laid-off workers at Remington's historic Ilion, New York facility, as reported by local media in upstate New York. Richmond Italia of Roundhill Group LLC, the company that purchased the plant at auction last year, explained they have sent out offers to 200 former workers, of which most were accepted. 

“Our hopes are to consolidate in Ilion and go back to an 800-employee facility," said Italia. "That number is highly contingent on our negotiations with the county and the state of New York, and, of course, the union.”  

The former Remington Outdoor Company, whose umbrella of brands included such household names as Marlin, DPMS, Bushmaster, NEF, and AAC, was broken apart during bankruptcy proceedings in an Alabama federal court last September. While most of the branches went to other bidders – Ruger bought Marlin, while Vista Outdoors bought Remington's ammunition line – Roundhill paid around $13 million for the gunmaker's New York factory and Lenoir, Tennessee, handgun plant. However, the deal required Roundhill to secure an FFL before they could resume production on such iconic products as Model 870 shotguns and Model 700 rifles. This left the plants sidelined in October.

Banner photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com.

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