With a direct ode to the British Welrod of World War II "behind the lines in occupied Europe" fame, B&T USA has a new pistol inbound for those seeking some quiet time. 

The Station SIX (Silenced Project caliber 9) pistol gets its name from the WWII-era Station IX of the Special Operations Executive. 

The SOE, often referred to as Winston Churchill's "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare," was formed in mid-1940 at a time when the British stood alone against the Axis. It was tasked with coaching irregular warfare units behind the German lines. One of the group's odd guns was the almost totally suppressed .32 ACP Welrod pistol, designed at Station IX by the SOE's Inter-Services Research Bureau.

Some 2,800 or so nondescript Welrods were produced during the war, with many being dropped to resistance groups in occupied Europe. It reportedly remained in service with the British military into the Falklands War era. This surviving example is in the Springfield Armory Museum.

How quiet was the Welrod? Check out this video from Bloke on the Range. 


Enter B&T

Back in 2014, when B&T was better known as the Swiss firm of Brugger and Thomet, they introduced the manually-operated VP9, or Veterinary pistol 9mm, which has often drawn comparison to the classic Welrod. With a five-shot magazine, it only has two moving parts. At 11.25-inches in overall length with its largest can, it is about the size of an M1911 and much quieter. Sadly, they were unobtainium here in the states. 

The specialized tool was meant for humane euthanasia by large animal vets in the field and has an integrated suppressor that they billed as the “world's most quiet 9mm suppressed pistol for animal control” (Photo: B&T)

Now, the Station SIX has arrived to update the design. Featuring a new grip and updated magazines, it has the same "nondescript appearance, whisper-quiet sound signature, and unique rotating bolt operation," as the VP9, says B&T. Best yet, it will be available in 9mm and .45 Auto, using M1911-style mags rather than the company's proprietary models.

Available sometime towards the end of the first quarter of this year, the MSRP will be about $2K. 

The Station Six introduced this week by B&T USA is not a veterinary tool, but more of a fun gun, with an obvious salute to Mr. Churchill's "Baker Street Irregulars."

James Reeves and the team over at The Firearm Blog were able to check one out. Spoiler alert, the can uses wipes. 


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