For 15 years, CZ produced a great sub-compact pistol based on its CZ 75 line that was perfect for concealed carry, the handy little 2075 RAMI. 

Introduced in 2005, the RAMI was in every sense a chopped-down CZ 75, using the famed pistol's double-action/single-action design and double-stack magazine format. Whereas the full-sized CZ 75 typically had a 4.7-inch barrel which yielded an 8.15-inch overall length and 38-ounce weight, the alloy-framed RAMI hit the market with a 3-inch barrel, 6.5-inch overall length, and an unloaded weight of less than 26 ounces. 

The RAMI, internally, shows its CZ 75 roots. The "RAMI" comes from the first two initials of the two inventors' names – Radek Hauerland and Milan Trkulja. (Photo: CZUB)

The standard RAMI, introduced in 2005, was pitched as a carry gun on the commercial market or as a back-up handgun for military and law enforcement personnel. Using fixed combat sights that were billed as "snag-free" the RAMI had large surface controls and three safeties – a firing pin block, hammer safety notch, and a manual frame-mounted safety.

While the downsized RAMI shipped with a 10-round flush-fitting magazine in 9mm format, it could accept all standard CZ 75 double stacks due to its family tree. They typically shipped with a 14-round extended magazine with a grip extension as well. 

The RAMI was marketed in 9mm and briefly in .40 S&W, with the latter running an 8-shot magazine. Due to its double-stack mag and manual safety lever, the pistol is a little chunky, taping 1.3 inches wide. Its 4.7-inch height with the standard mag made for a compact carry gun but proved a little big for pocket carry. 

The standard model had an alloy frame with a black polycoat finish and came with black rubber checkered grip panels. Note the weight reduction scallop on the slide, similar to what Sig Sauer did in the 1990s with the P228.
The 2075 RAMI D Model, with Tritium 3-dot night sights and a frame-mounted decocking lever, was introduced in 2009.
A third variant of the RAMI, the P model, gets its designation from the fact that it ditched the lightweight alloy frame for a polymer one.  

By 2020, with the new CZ P10 S subcompact hitting its stride, the RAMI was dropped from CZ's active catalog and listed as "discontinued/limited production" although some new old stock guns remain up for grabs. Moving forward, those who want a more discreet CZ 75 have to make do with the company's CZ 75 D PCR Compact, an aluminum-framed 10+1 9mm originally designed for the Czech police, whose specs come close to the RAMI's. 

Still, RAMI fans know, love, and trust their little CZs.

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