In recent weeks, cable news networks have seen a noticeable rise in ads defending the Second Amendment and urging viewers to take action. We can thank Alan Gottlieb and the Second Amendment Foundation's grassroots fundraising and 2A support efforts for these ads. These 60-second ads, aptly titled “Second Amendment, First Responder,” pull no punches in getting their message across. The Second Amendment is under siege, and Gottlieb intends to do everything in his power to let people know what they can do about it.

These ads aren’t going away anytime soon either. In fact, last week Gottlieb announced that they had bought an additional 89 spots to air through the rest of this week. Stations airing these ads include CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, One America News Network, Destination America, Bloomberg, BBC America, Discovery Channel, American Heroes Channel, SYFY, TLC, TruTV, DirectTV, The Weather Channel, HLN, Dish TV, CNBC, Outdoor Channel, and Sportsman Channel.

To date, these ads have aired 528 times and have been seen by tens of millions of viewers across the country. The campaign has been a smashing success so far. “We’re bringing in between 1,500 and 2,500 new supporters every single night with our TV spots,” Gottlieb told

With the NRA on the ropes dealing with its own legal troubles, grassroots organizations like Second Amendment Foundation have become even more critical. It’s encouraging to see the success that continues to happen with 2AF, adding more than 55,000 new supporters since the ads began.

“What this surge in interest tells us is that Second Amendment activism is stronger than it has ever been despite the highly publicized legal and financial troubles now faced by the National Rifle Association,” Gottlieb said.

New members coming into the 2AF fold are also following significant 2020 trends in gun ownership growth across the country. Gottlieb said many are first-time gun owners, with as much as 40 percent of them being women. To keep these ads going and to join the growing group of over 700,000 members dedicated to the Second Amendment, consider signing up or donating to 2AF.