Last week the NYPD proudly tweeted about how they removed an "illegal gun" from the streets of the Bronx, only to get owned in the comment section. It would be one thing if they had tweeted a cache of weapons from a known drug dealer or human trafficker, but that wasn't the case. Instead, the gun was an old Rohm RG .22 revolver, which was barely functional when new, let alone the condition the NYPD tweeted it in. 

If it could even get more comical, the precinct proudly displayed the five rounds of .22 LR that were also recovered with the gun. Yes, you heard us right, they displayed the five rounds of .22 LR like a prize haul of illegal drugs. The obvious and misplaced show of chest-beating about gun control aside, they never even explained why the gun was confiscated. For all we know, it was taken away from a lawful gun owner with zero justification provided. So, without further ado, here is the tweet:


Of course, the Twittersphere wasn't going to let a ripe opportunity like this pass by without throwing some stones. Here is a smattering of some of the best comments we saw:

Big Tom said, "This is embarrassing - why would you even post it? A .22 revolver? Oooooooh spooooooooky"

Wyld Works said, "So glad Dutch Van Der Linde has been brought to justice."

Mack said, "Was the ruffian preparing to ride with Teddy and the Rough Riders?"

Slideshow Bob said, "The ammo shortage is so bad we can't even fill 22 revolvers"

Burnz Fernandez said, "hahahah... yeah, I'm sure 5 rabbits are rejoicing now for keeping them safe."

Chris Epler said, "Thank you for arresting the gun, i know it's too hard to arrest criminals."

The Big Esh said, "Now how are they going to start their track meet?"

Finally, I think Justin Klumker summed it up best and said what everyone was thinking, "Hahahahahahaha how is that illegal?"

Hopefully the NYPD can start shifting their focus away from taking antique and curio relic firearms off the streets and turn toward solving actual crimes in the coming weeks and months. Only time will tell. 

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