Ruger has delivered a pocketable 10+1 .380 ACP ultra-compact pistol to the market this week by announcing the new LCP MAX

As the specs are everything with the new gun, the LCP MAX is under an inch wide, weighs 10.6 ounces unloaded, is 4 inches high, and just 5.17 inches long. Comparatively, this puts it into the same footprint as the 6+1 round single-stack LCP II and brings it in well below the size of any of the new micro-9 pistols such as the Sig P365 or Ruger MAX 9. 

Ruger LCP MAX compared to Ruger MAX 9
Ruger points out that the LCP MAX is seriously smaller than any of the micro compact 9mm pistols on the market, even its own new MAX 9 (Photo: Ruger)

"The LCP MAX design incorporates over a decade of learning and experience," said Ruger president and CEO, Chris Killoy. "What you loved about your LCP and LCP II, we know you will love even more with the NEW LCP MAX."

Ruger says the new LCP MAX pistol's double-stack magazine feed lips are optimized to reliably feed the wide variety of modern .380 ammo that is out there while having a feel that is "identical to the LCP II magazine (with its extended floorplate installed) while accommodating an additional 4 rounds of ammunition." 

Ruger LCP MAX features
The included finger grip extension floorplate and optional 12-round magazine allow most shooters to obtain a full firing grip. It also fits most existing LCP II holsters and, while it ships with Tritiums, has a dovetail that accepts all aftermarket S&W BodyGuard-pattern sights. (Photos: Ruger)



A first look at the new Ruger LCP MAX with Team Ruger's Doug Koenig, via Gun Talk Media: 

The Ruger LCP MAX ships with one, 10-round magazine; a finger grip extension floorplate; pocket holster; and magazine loader for an MSRP of $449. 

How does it shoot? Lots of reviewers got their hands on pre-release models, so check out the below sampling from Gunblast, Sooch, and The Firearm Guy: