New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer this week announced a new M400 series AR-format firearm, the M400 Switchblade pistol. 

With an 11.5-inch cold hammer-forged, carbon steel, tapered barrel and Magpul's new BSL stabilizing pistol brace, the Switchblade features full ambi controls, a twin locking clamp handguard, match-grade flat blade trigger, and a Cerakote Elite Titanium finish. Other features include a two-stage Matchlite Duo trigger, a distinctive three-prong flash hider, and a free-floating handguard with a top Pic rail and M-LOK slots for all your bayonets and what the ATF likes to call "peripheral accessories."

Using a direct impingement operating system, the overall length of the M400 Switchblade is 30-inches as it ships from the factory with the telescoping BSL brace installed.  (Photos: Sig Sauer)



"The M400 Switchblade brings an entirely new level of performance to the M400 product family with unmatched flexibility and capability," said Tom Taylor, Sig's chief marketing officer and EVP of commercial sales. "The pistol features fully ambidextrous controls to include the charging handle, selector, and unique to the Switchblade the bolt catch and release for seamless transitions from hand to hand and rapid deployment of the catch.

"Additionally, the new Magpul BSL brace offers improved stability, and the rigid handguard is designed to withstand the weight of maximum accessory installation, truly making the M400 Switchblade the ultimate performance pistol," said Taylor.

In established Sig fashion, there is no MSRP available. 

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