Featuring a hybrid flash hider/compensator, a two-stage trigger, and a striking Cerakote finish, the new Sig Sauer M400 Tread Snakebite SE hit the market this week. 

The New Hampshire-based firearms giant announced the Snakebite SE on Thursday. While shipping standard with the same features as the current M400 Tread Snakebite model, the new rifle brings some added upgrades. Sig is especially proud of the flash hider/compensator device, which it bills as providing minimal flash and reduced muzzle rise, and the two-stage Matchlite trigger that it advertises as delivering an ultralight trigger pull for increased accuracy.

M400 Tread Snakebite SE
The new M400 Tread Snakebite SE includes an enhanced 13-inch free-floating handguard, a 16-inch carbon steel barrel with a 1:7 RH twist, and a Cerakote Elite finish for a two-tone black and bronze look. (Photo: Sig Sauer) 
M400 Tread Snakebite SE
The rifle is a 5.56 NATO direct impingement AR-15 and has a six-position SL-K stock. Overall length is 35.5 inches while the weight is 7 pounds.

The M400 Tread Snakebite SE ships with a single 30-round Magpul polymer magazine but, in typical Sig Sauer fashion, no MSRP is available. 


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