Beretta USA keeps raining new 92-series updates on its hands and on Wednesday announced the new 92X Performance Defensive model. 

Essentially an update on the top-shelf 92X Performance competition pistol, which hit the market a couple of years ago, the new 9mm was specifically designed for IDPA competitions. New to the model is a lightened steel frame and slide, a red-dot optic ready slide, and aggressively textured 92X-style thin grips. 

Beretta 92X Performance
The standard 92X Performance, as debuted in 2019. Weight, unloaded, is 47.61 ounces. (Photo: Chris Eger/
92X Performance Defensive
The new 92X Performance Defense, which premiered this week in the U.S. It has dropped weight to meet IDPA regulations, slicing away the Picatinny rail in addition to reductions made on the internal design of the Brigadier slide and steel (not alloy as with most other 92s) frame. Weight, unloaded, is 42.7 ounces, which is about five ounces less than the 92X Performance. (Photo: Beretta)



The new model popped up in Italy a few months ago, and it has finally made it to American shores in time for the 2021 IDPA Nationals in Colorado. Notably, while other 92X-series guns are produced here in Beretta's Tennessee plant, the 92X Performance line is all-Spaghetti. 

“Beretta USA is excited to finally present the new 92X Performance Defensive, a line extension specifically designed for IDPA competitions," said Nicola Lorenzi, Beretta's business development manager. "The Defensive represents the state-of-the-art design for SA/DA pistols to compete in SSP, ESP, and CO divisions. The feature set speaks for itself as it introduces the most innovative characteristics for a competition gun."

92X Performance Defensive
The 92X Performance Defensive features aggressively textured 92X-style thin grips and front and backstrap checkering. Note the saw-tooth forward slide serrations. (Photo: Beretta)
92X Performance Defensive
It comes standard with a skeletonized hammer combined with a competition standard hammer spring to help reduce lock times while the Xtreme-S trigger system is fully adjustable. (Photo: Beretta)
92X Performance Defensive
Optics plates are available to accommodate Aimpoint, Trijicon, Burris/Vortex/Docter, Leupold, and C-More red-dot patterns. (Photo: Beretta)

There is no MSRP available currently but the original 92X Performance has an asking price of $1,499 for a guideline. 


James Reeves has a look at the new Beretta race gun, complete with competition shooter J.J. Racaza giving it a workout.


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