Minnesota-based Maxim Defense recently announced a new AR-style PDW for the short game: the MD-1505, offered in 5.56 NATO, .300 BLK, and 7.62x39mm. 

The series is billed as a combination of the company's popular PDX design and a traditional AR-15 package. Roughly like the PDX in size – running about 18.75 inches overall across three models – the MD-1505 has MILSPEC forged receivers and different handguards. The models include one with a standard SCW stock (NFA rules apply), SCW stabilizing pistol brace, or SCW pistol system. 

Maxim Defense MD-1505 series guns
The MD-1505S, top, uses a SCW stock while the MD-1505SPS, bottom right, comes standard with the SCW stabilizing brace, and the MD-1505 SPS comes with Maxim's new SCW pistol system. (Photos: Maxim Defense) 


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All MD-1505 series guns include a 5.5-inch barrel, the company's Hatebrake muzzle booster, an ALG Combat Trigger pack, and a free-floating slimline handguard with M-Slot compatibility on five sides as well as a full-length top Pic rail for optics. They also have an ambidextrous magazine release and selector switch. 

MSRP on the Maxim Defense MD-1505 series is $1,895 across all nine caliber and model variants. By comparison, this is about $400 smackers less than the company's PDX series guns. 

revolver barrel loading graphic