Shotgun powerhouse Mossberg is apparently tired of people having to mod their 12 gauges to run mini-shells, so they now have the heavy-walled 590S series that eats them right out of the box. 

The all-new 590S Series cycles 1.75-inch minis, 2.75-inch standard, or 3-inch magnum shells in any combination the user desires due to a redesigned anti-jam elevator and bolt slide combined with the addition of an energy-absorbing bumper. Repeat: these guns don't require the user to install some oddball adaptor to run those increasingly popular mini shells. 

Mossberg 590S capacity
The 590S can be stoked with all three common 12-gauge shell lengths, in assorted combinations, with a 20-inch barreled version holding as many as 13 mini-shells. (Photo: Mossberg)

Mossberg has four variants of the 590S, including two traditional shotguns and two compact bird’s head-gripped Shockwave "firearm" versions.

Mossberg 590S
The 590S shotguns include a $708 variant with a Ghost Ring sight, 20-inch Accu-choke barrel and M-LOK forend, as well as a more featureless model with an 18.5-inch Cylinder bore barrel with a bead sight and corncob forend that runs $605. (Photo: Mossberg)
Mossberg 590S
Shockwave models include one with a 14.375-inch barrel and 4+1/5+1/8+1 capacity and one with a longer 18.5-inch barrel and corresponding mag tube with a 4+1/6+1/9+1 capacity. Both are cylinder bore with a front bead and run $605. (Photo: Mossberg)


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