Soon-to-be Tennessee-based Smith & Wesson on Tuesday announced a new series of M&P M2.0 pistols chambered in 10mm Auto.

The new centimeter M&Ps will be available in both 4-inch and 4.6-inch barreled formats with optics-ready slides and optional thumb safety variants. Further, the pistols boast a 15+1 capacity and use Smith's brand new M2.0 flat-face trigger design, which the company says is designed to optimize trigger finger placement to allow for more consistent and accurate shooting. All models include an optics cut slide using Smith's C.O.R.E. system and have optic/suppressor height white dot sights in addition to the optics plate. 

M&P10mm M2.0 pistol,
The 4.6-inch models, available with and without thumb safeties, are 7.9 inches long and weigh 29.3 ounces, offering a serious option for someone looking for a 15+1 10mm for hunting, personal protection, or the range. (Photo: S&W)
M&P10mm M2.0 pistol,
In the 4-inch models, the overall length is 7.2 inches, and the unloaded weight is 28.5 ounces. (Photo: S&W)

The M&Ps signal Smith's return to the 10mm semi-auto market that it left when the S&W 1006 series went out of production around 1995. 

S&W 1076
The 1006, along with variants to include the 1026, 1046, 1066, 1076/FBI model (shown above), and 1086, were produced in the 1990s and left behind as the popularity of 10mm declined for a generation. (Photo:

"Having not made a 10mm semi-automatic handgun since the 1990s, it’s a pleasure to re-enter that space with the M&P10mm M2.0 pistol," said John Myles, the company's senior new product manager. "The 10mm caliber has its own following, and our customers have been asking us to bring one back. We are excited to launch this product using the M&P45 M2.0 as a building block to support existing aftermarket accessories that are readily available, as well as adding new enhanced features like the optics ready slide and the new M2.0 flat-face trigger."  

The M&P10mm M2.0 comes with the familiar 18-degree grip angle, four interchangeable palmswell grip inserts, and enhanced grip texture to help manage recoil. They ship with two 15-round double-stack magazines and have an MSRP between $654 and $665 depending on the model, setting the new Smith up to challenge the 4.6-inch Glock 20 and 3.78-inch Glock 29 directly.  


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