Alabama-based Kimber this month announced a series of compensated, optics-ready, and Rapide variants to the company's Micro 9 series pistol lineup. 

The all-metal, subcompact Micro 9 models all run a 3.15-inch stainless-steel match-grade barrel, a 16-pound recoil spring, and use seven-round magazines. They tape out at 6.1-inches long overall with Mini Comp models adding an inch to that figure, standing just over 4-inches tall and weighing slightly less than a pound. Using M1911-style ergonomics, they have a single-action trigger. Standard features across the line include stainless-steel barrels and slides over aluminum frames finished in a variant of the company's corrosion/wear-fighting KimPro II finish.

The seven new Micro 9 models include three semi-custom Rapide variants, two compensated models, and two optics-ready pistols. 

Micro 9 Rapide Dawn
The Micro 9 Rapide Dawn includes stepped cocking serrations, slide lightening cuts for faster lock time, a two-tone KimPro finish and TiN-coated barrel along with a flush-fitting magwell, and Stiplex front strap pattern stippling. All three of the new Micro 9 Rapides carry TruGlo TFX Pro Day Night Sights. MSRP is $985. (Photos: Kimber)
Micro 9 Rapide Scorpius
The Micro 9 Rapide Scorpius has many of the same features as the Rapide Dawn but runs a darker finish that includes a DLC coated barrel. MSRP is $985. (Photos: Kimber)
Micro 9 Rapide
The standard Micro 9 Rapide is styled after the original 1911 of the same name design, with a frame and slide finished in black KimPro II and a gold TiN barrel. MSRP is $985. (Photos: Kimber)
Micro 9 Stainless (MC)(TP)
The new Micro 9 Stainless (MC)(TP) comes with a mini-compensator that reduces muzzle rise and perceived recoil. It is topped with TruGlo Tritium Pro night sights and wears Hogue black rubber wraparound grips. MSRP is $889. (Photos: Kimber)
Kimber's Micro 9 ESV Two Tone (MC)(TP)
Kimber's Micro 9 ESV Two Tone (MC)(TP) also has a mini-compensator, TruGlo Tritium Pros, and wears Hogue wraparounds. MSRP is $975. (Photos: Kimber)
Kimber Micro 9 BlackOI with a Swampfox Sentinel 3.0MOA optic
The company's new Micro 9 BlackOI has a Swampfox Sentinel 3.0-MOA optic that co-witnesses with front and back white dots. As the name would imply, it carries a black KimPro finish and black rubber grips. MSRP is $904. (Photos: Kimber)
Micro 9 Stainless OI with a Swampfox Sentinel 3.0MOA optic
The Micro 9 Stainless OI runs a Swampfox and has an MSRP of $904. The Swamp Fox Sentinel red dot is constructed from 7075 aluminum with a red reticle that is manually adjusted for brightness and includes a “shake-n-wake” feature. (Photos: Kimber)
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