Springfield Armory is blending its Ronin series M1911 single-stacks with that of its carry-ready Enhanced Micro Pistol platform. Meet the Ronin EMP.

The two new models include an ultra-compact 3-inch gun with a 9+1 capacity and a 4-inch version with a 10+1 capacity. When stacked against traditional M1911s, this is equivalent to Commander and Officer-length guns, only about a half-inch shorter in each instance. 

Springfield Armory Ronin EMP 9
The 3-inch Springfield Armory Ronin EMP is a very short gun, akin to the Colt Defender. Overall length is 6.6-inches while weight is 24-ounces. (Photos: Springfield Armory)
Springfield Armory Ronin EMP 9
Height is 4.8 inches. (Photos: Springfield Armory)
Springfield Armory Ronin EMP 9
The 4-inch Springfield Armory Ronin EMP has an overall length of 7.6 inches, while the weight is 27 ounces. (Photos: Springfield Armory)
Springfield Armory Ronin EMP 9
Height is 5.1 inches. (Photos: Springfield Armory)

The Ronin EMP pistols have forged-steel construction in their slides and barrels, as well as forged-alloy frames. Other features include the two-tone finish seen on other Ronin models, made up of a carbon-steel slide with a hot salt-blue finish over a lightweight aluminum frame with a satin silver Cerakote finish. The guns ship with Springfield’s Crossed Cannon wood grips, a fiber-optic front sight paired to a Tactical Rack rear sight, and an extended beavertail grip safety with memory bump.

"The EMP has long been a popular CCW pistol for 1911 fans, due to its incredible ergonomics and easily concealable dimensions," explains Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory's VP of marketing. "And now with the new Ronin EMP, shooters get one with all the benefits and features of the Ronin series of 1911 pistols."

The MSRP on both models of the new Springfield Armory Ronin EMP is $849.

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