Savage Arms on Monday lifted the curtain on a new series of 9mm pistols, the 14 handguns of the Stance line. 

The guns, polymer-framed striker-fired micro-compacts intended for carry and self-defense, use a serialized chassis that allows it to easily swap across a range of various grip frames with black, gray, and FDE modules available at launch, all with interchangeable backstraps to adjust grip size. The Stance has a 3.2-inch stainless-steel barrel, making it just slightly shorter than the Glock 43 and more akin in size to the FN 503 and Sig P365 in that metric. The new Savage pistols have 7, 8, and 10-round magazine options.

Savage Arms Stance 9mm pistol in whitebox
The new Savage Stance is made for the EDC market and uses a stainless-steel slide with a Melonite finish over a polymer grip module with a serialized chassis. (Photo: Savage)
Savage Arms Stance 9mm pistol in whitebox
It has a slide with a beveled front for easy holstering as well as porting and wide serrations. (Photo: Savage)


Savage Arms Stance 9mm pistols in whitebox
Besides the standard black finish options, Savage also has models in gray and FDE as well as package options for manual safety levers, night sights, and a Viridian E-Series Red Laser. (Photos: Savage)

Across the 14 options, the MSRP on the new Savage Stance series of 9mm pistols runs from $479 to $561. 

Savage's past pistols

The company marketed its moderately successful Model 1907/1915/1917 pistols until 1928. The handy autoloader was one of the first popular American-made semi-auto carry guns, made in .32 ACP, .380 ACP, and .45 ACP. 

Savage M1907  pistol in whitebox
The Savage Model 1907, seen here in a vintage 10+1 .32 ACP example from the Vault, was even considered by the U.S. Army in the trials which saw the Colt M1911 adopted for nearly a century of service.

Other than occasional runs of bolt-action benchrest guns and the MSR 15 Blackout pistol which was only made for a couple of years, Savage has concentrated in the long game, eschewing handguns as a category since Calvin Coolidge was in the White House. 

Company officials say the time is right, now two years after it separated from Vista Outdoors to become a stand-alone operation, for Savage to move back into handguns. 

"Since Savage was sold in July 2019, President and CEO Al Kasper publicly stated that Savage Arms would be a complete firearm company," said Robert Gates, the company's VP of Sales and Marketing. "Today, Savage is proud to announce its first step into what is the largest segment of the firearms market with the introduction of Stance, a micro-compact 9mm pistol manufactured with premium materials, finishes, and features." 
"While this isn’t Savage’s first concealed carry pistol, and certainly not our first handgun, it has been more than a century since we focused on compact pistols purpose-built for every day carry," said Jessica Treglia, Sr. Brand Manager at Savage. "Stance is the first in a new series of handguns that will meet the accuracy and reliability standards that our customers expect, and a further demonstration of Savage’s commitment to build the best, most complete line of American-made firearms."

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