Just in time for e-file Form 4, Kalashnikov USA this week announced a factory short-barrel rifle variant of the KR-104.

The semi-automatic AK-style rifle has a 12.25-inch cold-hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel, rather than a 14.5-inch pinned to 16, putting it squarely in NFA territory. It has a side-folding stock, is made with a forged trunnion and carrier, and has a side optic rail. 

Kalashnikov USA KR-104 SBR
K-USA says the KR-104 "takes over from the authentic and durable design of Mikhail Kalashnikov." It is an ode to the select-fire AK-104, which was introduced by Izhmash in Russia in 1994 and has a distinctive muzzle booster derived from the "AKS-74U Krinkov."  (Photo: Kalashnikov USA)

"With a long history of offering authentic and rugged firearms, we take immense pleasure in introducing the SBR configuration," noted Kalashnikov USA. "Made with superior technology and state-of-the-art innovation in America."  

Kalashnikov USA KR-104 SBR
Chambered in 7.62x39mm, it takes any AKM-compatible magazine and ships with a single 30-rounder. (Photo: Kalashnikov USA)

The MSRP on the KR-104 is $1,399, stamps not included. Speaking of which, the new eForms system is (cautiously) expected to drop NFA wait times for Form 1s and Form 4s from months to weeks. Sure, sure, the NFA should be abolished, but until that pipe dream becomes a reality...at least you don't have to wait so long for cool stuff. 

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