FoldAR showed off their new line of double-folding ARs that adds to their highly compactible line of AR-style rifles and pistols at SHOT Show 2022 in Las Vegas this month. Coining their guns the “World’s Smallest Full-Capable AR-Platform Firearms” that are “Unhinging the Competition,” the veteran-owned company kicked off the show on the range where we got some trigger time behind their guns.

Alongside their single-fold design and even their pistols, the new Double FoldAR offers a particularly tiny package. The gun can even function with the stock folded in and is tiny enough to stuff into a small backpack, large purse, or even a murse, I guess, if man purses are your thing. To each their own on that front, but what is clear is that the highly compact guns take mere moments to deploy into fully functional firearms that shoot and feel like a modern, lightweight, full-size AR.

FoldAR Rifle
The guns where quiet and soft shooting at the range with a suppressor, helped along by the adjustable gas system. (Photo: Paul Peterson/
The single-fold design has the joint between the barrel and upper receiver. (Photo: Paul Peterson/
An added joint on the Double FoldAR accommodates the stock so it can fit even in a small bag, and the gun will still fire with the stock folded. (Photo: Paul Peterson/
The new Double FoldAR offers a particularly tiny package. Kinda like a ballistic BLT. (Photo: Chris Eger/

The folding guns are built with adjustable Bootleg bolt-carrier groups and run a double-gas system and adjustable gas blacks that are made in-house. More than just a feature of the design, the adjustability allows you to easily customize the guns to your ammo choice, especially if you’re trying to run a completely suppressed system.

FoldAR Tattoo
Here you can see one of the original folding fighting systems branded with the FoldAR logo. The arm is courtesy of Brandon Jordan – FoldAR’s VP of operations, head assembler, and designated test shooter – and you have to admire the kind of dedication that leads to body ink. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

If you’re not looking for a complete firearm, uppers are also available for sale with the single-fold option. Caliber options include 5.56 NATO/.223 Wylde, .300 Blackout, and 6.5 Grendel depending on the model. Price points vary, with the new Double FoldAR currently leading the pack at $2,399. 

revolver barrel loading graphic