With the ever-increasing demand for polymer-framed striker-fired handguns a wide variety of new companies have decided to dive into the market and see if they can grab a slice of the pie. BRG is a perfect example of this, except they took a different approach. Instead of going toe to toe with juggernauts like Glock, Sig Sauer, Walther and others, BRG brought to market their BRG-9 Elite, which has an MSRP of under $400 dollars.

This price is very reasonable, especially when you consider BRG went the extra mile by including cleaning supplies, a trigger lock, loader, extra magazine, and a protective case to house it all. 

With a 16+1 capacity the BRG9 Elite is ready for self-defense. (Photo: Samantha Mursan/Guns.com)

Aesthetically, the BRG9 Elite is very reminiscent of a Springfield XD. That said, it is not an identical copy, offering different grip textures, finger grooves, trigger, and more. It also brings over some of the favored features of the XD lineup including an ambidextrous push through magazine release, grip safety, and simple takedown lever, to name a few. 

A large number of Turkish made firearms have been hitting the U.S. firearms market over the last couple years. Some are criticized for their unreliable nature or poor aesthetic looks, but the BRG9 Elite is NOT some cheaply made Turkish clone of the XD. To the point, the slide is made from 4340 steel, a tough, corrosion resistant, non-brittle, steel perfectly suited for longevity. So, while it may be more affordable it is by no means cheap.

Overall, the BRG9 Elite from BRG is a fantastic pistol for the money. The 4-inch barrel coupled with comfortable ergonomics make this pistol an easy to control general-purpose sidearm. Plus, with the easy going price tag this is a great first pistol purchase for those looking to get into handgunning without dropping the better half of a grand. 

There is certainly a lot to like about the BRG9 Elite, including all the extras. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/Guns.com)
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