From the Great North this week comes images of a rarely-seen designated marksman rifle, frolicking in the snow. 

The C20 DMR was made in low numbers by Colt Canada of Kitchener, Ontario. Using an 18-inch chrome-lined barrel with a 1:10 RH twist, the 7.62 NATO semi-auto is outfitted with an LMT adjustable stock, a free-floating M-LOK handguard with a full-length top Pic rail, and a Geissele SSA two-stage trigger.

Colt Canada C20 DMR
Probably less than 500 of these have been made, all for service in the Canadian and Danish military. (Photo: Colt Canada)

Toting Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50mm optics, the C20 was able to average 0.66 MOA over 144 five-round groups using 175-grain Federal Gold Medal Match, earning it a spot as the Canadian Army's DMR in 2020. 

Colt Canada C20 DMR via Canadian Army
Colt Canada C20 DMR (Photo: Canadian Army)
Colt Canada C20 DMR via Canadian Army
Colt Canada C20 DMR (Photo: Canadian Army)

Endemically cash-strapped because of cyclical Liberal governments, the Canadians were only able to order 272 C20s, while the Danish military, which uses the rifle in likewise small numbers as the FINSKGV K, have a few more. 

The Danish video if you are curious:

The closest thing that good 'ol American Colt has made to the C20 is the Colt Modular Carbine or CM762, the lineage of which you can see in the receiver of the Canadian rifle. 

Colt Modular Carbine
This beautiful Colt Modular Carbine came through the Vault a little while back. We get these every now and then, so be sure to check our new arrivals and Certified Used Collection periodically and see if we have one in stock. (Photos:

The Colt Modular Carbine was neat as it came standard in 7.62 NATO but had a lower receiver and bolt carrier designed so that the upper could easily be swapped out for a mil-spec 5.56 AR-15 for a quick caliber change on the fly. 

Sadly, Colt only made the CM762 for a couple of years (2018-19), but maybe, since both the American and Canadian Colts were bought by CZ last year, someone in Prague will have the bright idea to market a commercial variant of the C20 to give the FN SCAR 20S some competition.  

Do you hear that, Lubomír Kovařík? You don't even have to give us the credit.

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