Ruger has added a new variant to its PC Carbine series, this one shipping standard with a set of very pack and trail-friendly furniture. 

The latest PC Carbine is a 9mm semi-auto dressed in one of Magpul's Stealth Gray Backpacker stocks. Featuring a threaded and fluted 16.12-inch barrel, the overall length with the carbine assembled is 35 inches. However, as the easy takedown features of the Carbine allow the barrel and forend to detach and secure for transport in the stock's underside, the whole thing can get much smaller for stowage or storage. 

Ruger PC Carbine with Magpul Backpacker Stock
Overall weight of the Backpacker PC is 6.2 pounds, with weight savings coming from the fluted barrel, an aluminum-alloy receiver, and the minimalistic profile of the stock. 

Ruger says the new model offers a "solution for the hunter or outdoorsman and was designed for those who want to transport their carbine in an efficient, convenient package without compromising shooting performance or ease of deployment."

Of note, the Backpacker includes a water-resistant grip storage compartment ideal for something like a small multi-tool, survival equipment, or cleaning equipment. A second compartment in the riser can accommodate a single magazine. 

Magpul's propaganda on the stock: 

Magpul has been shipping the Backpacker stock separately since last Fall for about $150, and Ruger has an asking price of $759 for the most basic models of the PC Carbine, so with that, it isn't a shocker that the MSRP on the new PC Carbine with the Backpacker already installed is $899. However, take that dollar amount with a grain of salt, actual prices over the counter tend to trend lower on these. 

Meanwhile, Ruger is also debuting distributor exclusive models of the PC Carbine Backpacker in Olive Drab and FDE, so look for those hitting the shelves soon as well.

Ruger PC Carbine with Magpul Backpacker Stock
Besides the Stealth Gray, which will see a wider release, Ruger has OD and FDE models set to roll as distributor exclusives. (Photo: Ruger)
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