The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute this week announced a move that could help keep gunmakers on the same page when it comes to making suppressor-ready firearms.

Founded in 1926, SAAMI has long developed and published technical, performance, and safety standards for firearms, ammunition, and components. Keeping on that same road, the group on Wednesday debuted a publicly-available series of suppressor thread and socket drawings. The muzzle/shoulder indexing pitches currently published by SAAMI include M18 X 1.5 RH, 11/16-24, 5/8-24, 1/2-28 (in rimfire, centerfire handgun, and centerfire rifle calibers), and 9/16-24. 

The institute notes that, with over a million suppressors in circulation and just about every gun maker now including firearms with threaded barrels in their catalog, by creating a uniform set of guidelines for both the threads on the muzzle and the internal socket of the suppressor, manufacturers, and users can rest assured devices meeting those standards will work together.

"With suppressors gaining in popularity among recreational shooters, SAAMI is leading the way in developing technical and compatibility guidelines for manufacturing this equipment," said SAAMI President and CEO Joe Bartozzi. "I am proud of the SAAMI team for developing and making this resource publicly available."

Banner image: SAAMI 1/2-28TPI rimfire thread drawing compared to the threaded muzzle of a SIG P322.