South Carolina-based FN America on Tuesday announced a down-sized and more carry-friendly version of its Edge pistol, now complete with an innovative compensator. 

The new FN 509 CC Edge – with the "CC" standing for Compact Compensated rather than a tribute to the "Ma" Rainey/Elvis song – ships standard with a quick-detach self-indexing comp. FN says it significantly decreases felt recoil – by as much as 25 percent – while preserving the 7.5-inch pistol's ability to carry concealed.

The CC Edge uses a 4.2-inch barrel, rather than the legacy 1911-sized FN 509 LS Edge's 5-inch barrel, but retains many of the latter's hallmarks, including a precision flat-faced trigger, a low-profile optics mounting system, in-mold-stippled frame texture, and lightening-cut slide – the last feature is to allow faster follow-up shots. 

FN 509 CC Edge
The new FN 509 CC Edge is 7.5 inches overall with a 4.2-inch gold-color TiNi hammer-forged barrel that is target-crowned and includes a compensator. (Photo: FN) 
FN 509 CC Edge compensator
Unlike most threaded compensators requiring tools to remove and shims to align, the FN 509 CC Edge Compensator is quick-detach and auto-indexes for easy takedown. It features a V-style dual port to vector blast residue and muzzle flash out of the shooter’s point of aim. The result, contends FN, is a flatter and more controlled shooting experience, holding a consistent sight picture from shot to shot. (Photo: FN) 

"The addition of a compensator to a concealed carry pistol is a delicate balance - too small and your compensator can be ineffective. Too big and you aren’t able to conceal as easily along with other possible issues,” said John Ryan, FN's director of commercial product management. "Our engineering team took a whole system approach to the design, knowing that this pistol was intended to be a CCW option, and had to perform with as little recoil as possible, but still needed to fit within the styling of the FN Edge Series."

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FN 509 CC Edge
The micro-red-dot-ready pistol includes FN’s Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System, allowing users to mount more than 10 different MRDs. A tall green fiber-optic front sight and low-glare blacked-out rear sight co-witness with the most popular optics. That, and the mag options included with the gun, offers a lot of customization modularity. (Photo: FN) 

Other features include an oversized, knurled mag release that is reversible, an ambidextrous slide stop, and a polished chamber and feed ramp. The FN 509 CC Edge includes one 12-round and two 15-round magazines with machined aluminum base pads, or three 10-round mags in restricted states. It also ships with four MRD mounting plates and two interchangeable backstraps in a ballistic case. 

MSRP on the FN 509 CC Edge is $1,569. This puts it in rough competition with the SIG Sauer P365XL Spectre Comp with the benefit that the comp on the FN pistol can be removed and offers a wider range of MRD footprints.