A New York Congressman has proposed legislation this week on Capitol Hill that would mandate a five-year license for some who want a popular semi-automatic firearm.

The Federal Assault Weapons Licensing Act, debuted by U.S. Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-NY) on Monday, would create a scheme for any American seeking to legally purchase most new semi-auto rifles, shotguns, or pistols that would require the government to first sign off on the acquisition. Among the new hoops that hopeful "assault weapon" owners would have to jump through would be an expanded FBI background check that includes the submission of identity documents and fingerprints. Further, applicants would have to show proof of prior firearms safety training to be eligible for consideration. 

If approved, the license holder would have to renew their possession permit every five years to keep their firearm but the license itself would be subject to arbitrary suspension if the government "finds an individual poses a threat to themselves or others," as detailed by the Congressman's office.

"My legislation is common sense and provides a straightforward licensing process to ensure those who are purchasing and taking ownership of assault weapons are responsible law-abiding Americans," Jacobs said. 

While the language of the bill hasn't been released, Jacobs's office said it would have carve-outs for active-duty military and law enforcement officers as well as grandfathering for those who already legally possess an "assault weapon," at least for now. 

Banner image: A Century Arms WASR-M 9mm AK pistol caliber carbine that accepts Glock magazines, seen in the wild. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

Update: Article updated to reflect that, somehow, Jacobs ran for office as a Republican. The original article said he was a Democrat. 

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