ZEV Technologies announced this week that its 9mm OZ9 Combat X series pistol has been chosen to equip the Department of Energy's Office of Secure Transportation agents.

The Centralia, Washington-based company detailed the "OZ9 Combat X went through rigorous testing and evaluation," with OST before it was picked to arm the nation's nuclear materials couriers, and "Modularity, ergonomics, reliability, and optic ready design all contributed to their decision." The ZEV pistol beat out a crowded field of five other competitor designs. 

As detailed in the award, "The ZEV OZ-9 handgun not only scored the highest overall technical score among six (6) 9mm gun manufacturers, but the ZEV 0Z-9 handgun received the highest individual testing criteria scores in regards to weight, damage resistance, low light operations, pointability, ergonomics, malfunctions, recoil management, and overall impression."

The OZ9 Combat X weighs some 26.25-ounces, unloaded, while still having an internal solid steel frame that runs the length of the entire pistol-- allowing the locking block to be fully integrated. It runs the company's windowless Citadel slide, PRO series match barrel and curved face trigger, and the full-size OZ9C X-grip. 

The ZEV OZ9 Combat X pistol
The optics-ready ZEV OZ9 Combat X pistol uses Glock-pattern 9mm double-stack mags, but it is far from being a Glock. (Photo: ZEV)​​​​​​
OST agents at the range
Images from the DOE's website show OST members armed previously with classic SIG P-series pistols, which is no surprise as the P229 was long a staple of Homeland Security types. (Photo: DOE)


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"The Combat series of OZ9 pistols were developed specifically to meet the needs of the armed professional and defensive-minded citizen," said Nick Ghilardi, the company's senior VP of sales and marketing. "It is not an exaggeration to say OST has one of the most important jobs in the world. As such, ZEV Technologies is both proud and honored to supply them with the best tools available to ensure mission success."


Who Is OST, Anyway? 

Dating back to 1947, OST is charged with ensuring the safe transport of all the tricky stuff that will make you glow in the dark – nuclear weapons or components, enriched uranium, or plutonium – from location to location in super hacked tractor trailers escorted by outrider vehicles. Besides lots of domestic convoy classes and picking up a CDL if needed, they also get a good bit of paramilitary training and are referred to as federal agents, armed and equipped to ward off theft, hijacking, sabotage, or unauthorized takeover of their "packages" by folks that maybe want but don't really need nuclear materials.

Check out this very low-fi background video on the OST if you want some more background. If nothing else, it is gold to see the image of the guy in the wool suit accessorized with an M3 Grease Gun.


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