Formerly just a product of SIG's German Master Shop, the XFIVE is now made in America a decade after disappearing from the company's catalog altogether. 

While P226s have been around since the 1970s, the hyper-accurate XFIVE was hard to get on this side of the Atlantic. Essentially a match-quality single-action-only 226 longslide with a 5-inch barrel, the original was a Teutonic range beast, tipping the scales at almost 50 ounces due to the fact it was all stainless steel except for the grips. They shipped with a 25-meter target that usually showed all-touching bullet holes neatly punched in the paper. Only made until 2012, the XFIVE was more likely to show up in French action movies associated with Luc Besson or in auction houses than on dealers' shelves. 

Well, that all changed this week when good old New Hampshire-based SIG announced they now have an updated XFIVE with either custom Hogue Cocobolo or Hogue H10 Piranha grips installed. The new guns, much like the old, still run a 5-inch bull barrel with a stainless steel frame and slide. New is an adjustable Dawson-style rear sight plate that can be removed to direct-mount a SIG ROMEO1PRO, ROMEO2, or any other optic using the standard Delta Point Pro/RMR footprint. A fiber-optic front sight is standard as is an M1913 accessory rail and an alloy magwell. 

SIG Sauer P226 XFIVE
The Hogue Cocobolo is a nice touch. Note the XFIVE logo in the panels. Weight on the new XFIVE is 45.6 ounces. (Photos: SIG) 
SIG Sauer P226 XFIVE
The Hogue H10 Piranha grip option. Overall length of the series, due to the 5-inch barrel, is a very 1911-ish 8.6 inches with a comfortable sight radius of 6.8 inches. (Photos: SIG) 

The XFIVE ships standard with a three-position AX3 trigger installed that is fully adjustable for pull weight and overtravel while the trigger shoe is removable and adjustable for length of pull. The slide has front and rear serrations. Meanwhile, the sport takedown lever acts kind of like a thumb rest gas pedal while on the range. 

SIG plans to offer the new XFIVE in four versions, with most shipping complete with a trio of 20-round steel mags that have alloy base pads. Those unfortunate folks in restricted states will have to make do with 10-rounders. Hold your breath if you live in California. 

As they are products of the SIG Custom Shop, they come standard with all the goodies such as a locking case, challenge coin, and a sight-in target to verify accuracy. 

Team SIG's Max Michel holds class on the new XFIVE in the below video which makes sense as he used to run the old school German XFIVE back in the day. 


revolver barrel loading graphic