Texas-based Staccato this week quietly debuted a new, lightweight, 2011-style double-stack pistol meant for everyday carry. 

The new Staccato CS is single-action like the M1911 but is in a double-stack format like the company's 2011 line. However, this thing looks small – just 7.1 inches overall – and has a 22.7-ounce weight due to its 7075 billet aluminum frame. Running a 3.5-inch bull barrel, it comes standard with a fiber-optic front sight, Dawson Precision rear sight, and the slide is cut for red dots. The width over the grip is 1.2 inches while across the ambi safeties – the thickest part of the pistol – it is still just 1.45 inches. The trigger is in the 4-4.5 pound range. 

The new CS is even shorter than the company's C2 pistol, which also has a 16+1 capacity.

Staccato CS 9mm pistol
The new Staccato CS boasts a 16+1 capacity in a single-action 2011-style pistol that is small enough for EDC. (Photos: Staccato)
Staccato CS 9mm pistol
"Weighing under 23 ounces with a 3.5-inch bull barrel, this 'little sibling' is smaller than other members of the Staccato pistol family and made for concealed carry," contends Staccato. (Photos: Staccato)


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Staccato, formerly STI, has been making steady in-roads with police tactical teams in recent years – having been adopted or approved by more than 250 law enforcement agencies, including the elite U.S. Marshall Service's Special Operations Group. At the same time, the company has been marketing its compact "C" series guns, which have turned into a hit with consumers. 

"As the newest member of our pistol family, the Staccato CS delivers pure Staccato shootability, speed, and accuracy," notes the company. "With patent-pending technology packed inside, the Staccato CS helps you shoot better wherever your path takes you."

Shipping with three 16-round mags, the price is expected to be in the $2,500 range.

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