Now that we’re halfway into SHOT Show 2023, we’re excited to say Palmetto State Armory rolled deep into the history books and still managed to bring us its own new AR-15 line of modern rifles. But, without burying the real cherry too deep, they also came with a brand-new StG 44 modeled on the classic WWII German design. 

That turned some heads, and the offer of multiple caliber options cranked them even further…but the note that there are more new “vintage” guns to come had us looking for a possible chiropractor!

Starting with the Sabre lineup, PSA has a series of AR rifles – yes, with some suppressor options for you – that offer sub-$1,000 value options to consumers. Ranging from a billet upper and lower AR to mil-spec options, there’s plenty of out-of-the-box value in this new lineup. Features include ambi safties, Radian Raptor charging handles, and even ambi bolt releases and magazine releases.

PSA Sabre Rifle
To be sure, PSA has a stacked lineup of ARs for you going into 2023. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

The series also boasts new handguard designs, to include a textured suppressor-ready version, and there are even in-house-made, lightweight bolt-carrier groups inside billet-made models. On the user side, each gun comes complete with a Hiperfire trigger with reduced-power springs. You know, so you can enjoy a nice-feeling trigger without tinkering around in your basement on a drop-in option over the weekend, which is something that we appreciate on a production gun.

But with AR-pattern guns basically everywhere at SHOT Show, we did notice that PSA had some more unique offerings on hand as well. There were some new-for-2023 AKs that included a .300 Blackout option with adjustable gas blocks – not to mention a version in 5.56. Cool. But it’s hard to miss the not-quite-AR suppressor-ready PSA Jakl rifle with an adjustable and foldable stock next to a Krinkov-pattern AK pistol.

PSA has some cool Krinkov pistols we wouldn't hate to have. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
And the Jakl certainly has its appeal. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

Again, all great stuff, but our diamond on the show floor was still the somewhat surprising StG 44 clone from PSA. Kicking off a “historic battlefield” lineup, the StG 44 got our heart rates up a bit. 

PSA StG 44 Rifle
But it's guns like this that make you stop and stare, because when's the last time you saw a new StG 44? (Photo: Seth Rogers/

There have been some attempts to introduce StG 44-type rifles in plinking chamberings like .22 LR over the years. But PSA is opening the doors on four separate calibers for its models, which will include 5.56, .300 BLK, 7.62x39, and – amazingly – 7.92 Kurz, which is still in production thanks to manufacturers like Prvi Partizan Ammunition.

Perhaps even better, this new gun promises the arrival of a host of additional new-production but also classic designs that are increasingly hard to find. So, keep your eyes open for those.

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