It seems that Glock’s “perfection” has found new ways to continue to evolve at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. You can’t deny Glock’s sheer impact on the handgun market over the last several decades. The company’s significant presence is just one of those things we’ve all come to expect at basically any large firearms-related event. 

Still, we also can’t help but stop by to see what’s new, and Glock had some interesting additions for 2023.

First, There’s 2+ New Guns Coming


Glock 20 Gen5
Rocking one of our current favorites, the new Gen5 Glock 20 hosts 10mm. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
Glock 21 Gen5
But no one wants to see the classic .45 ACP go away, and the Gen5 Glock 21 has that covered. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

Glock introduced two guns into the Gen5 family this week, a new .45 ACP Glock 21 and a 10mm Glock 20. Both rounds have a strong following in the states, though we will note there is a trending love for the 10mm that has seen a bit of a rising tide recently. So, tip of the hat there. 

But, if we’re being honest, the real buzz is around this new Glock 47 we’ve been hearing about and – brace yourself – a new stock-Glock trigger?

Meet the G47 + New Glock Trigger


Glock 47
The brand-new 9mm Glock 47 brings some extra modularity. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

The 9mm G47 hosts a full-size frame and slide. But the thing that is really notable about the new Glock 47 is the level of modularity. Mixing around the Glock 47 and the Glock 19 basically creates four different guns. 

Again, all cool stuff, but what Glock fans may be just as interested in is the potential for a new OEM trigger. The new Glock Performance Trigger offers a lighter pull and a flatter-faced design. 

And the new trigger has a little extra somethin', somethin'. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
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