Rose by SIG Sauer shouldn't be thought of as just a series of P365 pistols, but rather a very personal effort by Lena Miculek to help introduce women to handguns, with SIG as the magnifier for the message. 

Announced last week, Miculek was on hand at SIG's Media Day in Nevada to talk about the program, one that seeks to welcome, encourage, and support women in the gun community.

Besides the two special-edition optics-ready P365s-- a P365-XL Comp Rose in 9mm and a P365-380 Rose in .380 ACP--, which are sold as a kit that includes the handgun and a custom Vaultek safe, it includes access to a step-by-step video training series featuring Miculek that is supported by an online community the company stresses is intended to "encourage, inspire, and grow female shooters" to become more confident and comfortable. 


Both P365 Rose models feature X-RAY3 day/night sights and 12 (9mm) or 10-round (380) magazines as well as rose-gold colored surface controls and a signature laser-engraved grip module. (Photo: Chris Eger)


"For ten years, I've been on my own personal mission to become the best female competitive shooter in the world and I am lucky enough to have eight world titles that say that," Miculek told "And I am so ready to be able to use that for more."


Eight-time World Champion Lena Miculek was enthusiastic about the program while speaking to last weekend. (Photo: Chris Eger)
SIG had a number of Rose-compatible packs on hand at the event. We added the patch. 


Beyond the kit, Rose is bigger than the pistols, with an openly accessible series of videos and even free downloadable targets.

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