CZ-USA has several new releases for Shot Show 2023, we're getting excited to see new shotguns and the DWX from Dan Wesson this year. 

CZ 712 3rd Generation


The secret to the new sauce of the 712 is the adjustable piston. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

CZ has brought a few upgrades to their popular semi-auto shotgun, the 712 series

This third generation of the 712 expands on the second generation’s attempt to cycle a wide array of ammunition.  Now offering two separate pistons for operation, the light piston can handle target loads all the way down to 1150 FPS, while the heavy piston is designed for magnum loads that are perfect for waterfowl.

The new camo pattern and the ability to fire magnum loads make this an ideal choice for waterfowlers. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The 712 has a redesigned receiver with an extended charging handle and enlarged controls. The 712 G3  uses the 1012 trigger group and the CZ Active Choke system, keeping things more universal across the lines. 

This G3 line offers several different barrel lengths and furniture options, ready to take on a variety of different tasks.

CZ 457 Left-Hand


Everything you love about the 457 series, just flipped for southpaws. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The CZ 457 is finally available for the south paw shooting sports enthusiasts. With all the same classic features of the 457, this left-handed variant will come in the American and Varmint (heavy barrel) models. 

CZ Scorpion 3+


The CZ Scorpion is already a top choice for anyone looking for a 9mm pistol or pistol caliber carbine. While popular, there were several complaints about features on the design, so the CZ Scorpion 3+ is here to improve some of the ergonomics. 

The magazine well was redesigned for ambidextrous control and added a standard AR mag release, while retaining the traditional paddle release as well. The 3+ offers a newly designed magazine, which will also work in the old version of the EVOs.

Lots of ergonomic improvements were made for the Scorpion 3+. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Instead of pic rails, CZ has replaced the handguard rail mounting system with M-Lok slots. Back up iron sights are a great feature to have on any weapon that commonly mounts an optic. Now the CZ iron sights are lower one-third co-witness, making it perfect for a red dot. 

One of the most common complaints on the previous model was the angle of the grip, causing the safety selector to dig into the hand. The 3+ had the grip angle altered, keeping the safety selector out of the way of the shooter’s grasp. 

The CZ Scorpion 3+ will come in the 4-inch Micro variant and the 7-inch pistol model. 




CZ Tactical Sport II Orange


The CZ Tactical Sport 2 offers competitors a serious advantage while looking fresh. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

CZ has taken the competition shooting market by storm with models like the Tactical Sport. Further improving on that success, the TS II features customer requested upgrades such as a Shadow II fiber-optic front sight, extended front serrations, the CZ Orange competition grips, a new heavy barrel, and a polished single-action trigger. 

The Tactical Sport II Orange features a hand fitted frame and lower, creating very tight tolerances that make this a great race gun option. 

Dan Wesson DWX


The DWX is a thing of beauty. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The last 2023 Shot Show product at the CZ booth just might be the best. Why wouldn’t CZ and Dan Wesson combine two of the most copied handgun designs ever?  

The Dan Wesson DWX is the combination of the 1911 trigger and slide with the ergonomics and caliber of the CZ75, creating a 2011 style of handgun. 
This single action pistol is crisp, smooth, and comfortable. We’re excited to get this one in for review, stay tuned. 



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