TriStar is a company known by their Value Experts moniker, dives into an entirely new category at SHOT Show 2023. Touring their booth turned up much more than the expected semi-automatic, over-under, single shots, tactical, and side by side shotguns. 

This time, lever actions are taking their place in the repertoire, which is not as a big a surprise as you might think given all the companies jumping on the lever action bandwagon. 

TriStar LR94

The TriStar LR94 is a lever driven .410-bore shotgun built in Turkey. Front and center in the TriStar both were three variants on the LR94--matte blued, case colored, and nickel silver. 

A closer look at the case-colored version of the LRR94. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The models we handled were fitted with either a 22- or 24-inch barrel and showed an interchangeable CT-1 style choke tube. They come equipped with standard rifle-style sights, with a blade front and adjustable rear. There are Turkish walnut stocks with checkering on all variants, and sling studs come standard. 

The gun feeds via a receiver loading gate into the half-length mag tube with a five-round capacity. The guns chamber exclusively 2.5-inch shells, which is not uncommon among .410-bore lever guns. In a nod to Old West style, the lever’s loop is leather wrapped on all models. 

The light recoil of the .410, combined with the lever action, should make this an enjoyable shooter. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The weight sits close to 6.4 pounds with the length of pull at 14.5 inches. The guns use both a rebounding hammer and two additional safeties, with an oversized dial safety atop the bolt and secondary safety on the bottom tang. The buttstock is fitted with a black rubberized recoil pad, and the magazine tube comes with a shot plug installed. 

A closer look at the generous top-mounted safety and front blade sight. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Though TriStar has come to be known for their surprisingly affordable firearms, the new cowboy action .410s carry a heftier price tag. Depending on the finish selected, the retail cost ranges from $990 to $1,100. 


New TriStar Viper G2 Pro & Others


Look at all those new shiny G2 Pros. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

In addition to the LR94, TriStar continues to beef up its semi-automatic Viper G2 family with the addition of the Viper G2 Pro. The Pro is essentially an upgraded version of the popular gas guns. Both the stock and receiver have been redesigned, though the fit and feel remains similar to the original. 

The G2 Pro’s silver receiver finish mates neatly with what the company calls Select Grade Turkish walnut stocks. A further step up sees the Bronze receiver variant mated to Premium Walnut dress. Hunters will appreciate either the Terra Bayou or Snow Camo variants. Other features include a fiber optic front sight, ventilated rib, oversized controls, and an enlarged magazine well for more rapid reloads. 

Hunters were not forgotten when the Pro versions rolled out. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The LR94 certainly steals the show and most of the attention at the TriStar booth, but the company’s svelte side by side Bristol shotguns continue to impress. Their full contingent of more affordable but fully featured competition shotguns was on display, with their six specialty trap, clays, and combination rigs. 

TriStar--by MetroArms-- continues to catalog a list of semi-automatic pistols, including the American Classic and SPS 1911’s. 



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