Like a boomerang from Brazil, Rossi has made a swift return to the revolver world and was at SHOT Show with two new six-shot offerings in .357 Magnum. 

While the company has long made such handguns that have drawn a legion of fans-- I have an old 3-inch Model 720 in .44 Special I take along while hog hunting-- they pumped the brakes on the practice a few years ago after the company was acquired by Taurus. Now the guns are back posed as sort of an upgrade from Taurus's own K-frame style wheel guns, with a brushed stainless steel finish. 

The new Rossi revolvers for 2023 include a carry-sized RP63 model that sports a 3-inch barrel and a beefy 6-incher in the form of the RM66. Not shown but promised is a "do-anything" 4-inch model RM64 as well as black models of everything aforementioned. 

The RP63 uses a rounded grip frame, which reduces printing when carried concealed. The sights are fixed, which is optimal for a carry gun, and the front sight is ramped for a snag-free draw. Overall length is 7.95 inches while weight is 27.3 ounces. The front sight is interchangeable. 


Here, the RP63 as seen on the range on Industry Day after many full-power rounds. 
The RM66 has a squared grip befitting its size, and sports adjustable sights. The overall length is 11.14 inches while the unloaded weight is 34.4 ounces.


We fired both on the range and felt the trigger was nicer than a lot of current production wheel guns out there at the moment. 

As a side, Caleb Giddings, "Mister Revolver" and a former Top Shot contender now working with Taurus and its sister brands Heritage and Rossi, related that a single RM66 alone ate around 1,200 rounds on Range Day with no issues and shot "like a laser beam." 


(Photo: Caleb Giddings) 


The MSRP on the RM66 is $620 while the shorter round-butt RP63 is set at $460, both prices that will likely be lower at the gun counter.

Video by Ben Philippi/

revolver barrel loading graphic