There was a time when Connecticut Valley Arms was only known for its imported black powder rifles and handguns. But recent years have seen the company shifting into high gear with centerfire bolt guns. Perhaps the biggest news thus far comes from SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s where we got our hands on the newest CVA Cascade X-Treme. 

Meet the Cascade X-Treme

Building on CVA’s first-ever centerfire, yet now time-tested Cascade line of bolt action hunting rifles comes the X-Treme. The Cascade XT--short for X-Treme-- takes its place atop the Cascade family of rifles, including 2022’s short-barrel SB.  Billed as a “precision-oriented” addition, the XT is first a hunting rifle, but with features growing in popularity with longer-range shooters.  Cruising the trade show floor this year reveals more rifles than ever being marketed as multi-purpose between hunting and precision shooting, so it’s not a surprise to see CVA moving in that direction as well. 

Upgrades for the CVA Cascade XT. (Photo: CVA)

CVA goes for a fresh camouflage appearance, using Realtree’s new Hillside pattern which blends abstract tans and drabs and should work well in most terrains. The stock culminates in a CrushZone recoil pad. Starting at just over seven pounds, the Cascade XT is slightly heftier than its kin, but also uses a lengthier and heavier-contour #5 taper barrel. The 4140 carbon steel barrels are finished in Graphite Black Cerakote. Barrels are fluted, threaded, and dressed with the company’s radial muzzle brake for reduction of recoil and muzzle rise. Of course, suppressor mounting is practical as well. 

Textured grip panels add purchase to the all-weather rifle. Like other rifles in its class, the Cascade XT wears double sling studs on the forend for use of both sling and bipod. The oversized bolt knob, reminiscent of tactical and competition guns, is a different look for CVA but one that has been popular with shooters seeking faster bolt manipulation, especially when shooting prone. 

We’re pleased to learn that CVA is including a two-piece scope mount, which is always a boon for optics mounting. The caliber list for the new XT is interesting, with a mix of both closer-range hunting and longer-distance chamberings: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, 450 Bushmaster, 350 Legend, 6.5 PRC, 7mm Remington Magnum, and .300 Winchester Magnum. 

The rifles will feed by means of a flush-fit detachable box magazine, with the short actions holding four rounds and fewer for the magnums. Retail pricing is set at $799, regardless of chambering. That includes the company’s lifetime warranty and MOA accuracy guarantee. 




High Praise for CVA


Andrus has been all smiles since the announcement of the Cascade XT. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Tim Andrus, host of Rush Outdoors and Realtree Pro Staffers, is also one of the country’s leading Whitetail hunters and traveling deer-hunting lecturers. We caught up with him in the CVA booth, and Andrus sees a bright future for the XT. Since the first Cascade launch, he has done the majority of his centerfire hunting with that rifle and says “the original Cascade is badass, but now all the upgrades on the XT have me even more excited for 2023 Fall hunting seasons.”  

That’s high praise from someone who spends more days chasing big bucks across the U.S. than most do in a lifetime. Only time will tell what the XT will produce for Tim and the rest of the hunters who grab one of the new CVAs, but we’re looking forward to going more in-depth with one of these X-Tremes in the near future. 

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