2023 promises to be an exciting year for Magpul – and fans of cool guns and gear – based on what we got to see in Las Vegas during SHOT Show 2023 at the end of last month. On top of the exciting news that Magpul’s anxiously awaited Folding Defensive Pistol (FDP) has finally come, we got a chance to check out the company’s newly launched Daka Grid Case Organizer system.

Magpul Folding Defensive Pistol

Magpul has teased its Folding Defensive Pistol for years, flashing it to anxious visitors at previous SHOT Shows and even showcasing it in several video games and movies. At last year’s SHOT Show, the firearm was a non-functional 3D-printed model. This year, the FDP is functional, and while some of the parts are still being tested, the prototype is fully molded with production tooling.

Magpul Folding Defensive Pistol
Compact and cool, the FDP has been a long time in the making. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/Guns.com)

In collaboration with ZEV Technologies, the FDP is a 9mm ZEV OZ9 handgun housed in a folding chassis that can be rapidly deployed with the push of a button. This briefcase blaster folds up compactly into a carrying case, concealing the firearm and an inserted 21-round magazine.

Magpul plans to bring products to the market by the end of 2023. Stay tuned for that, because we have been waiting a long time to see it come to life. 

Magpul Daka Grid Organizer

As a company known for its accessories, Magpul has not run out of innovative ideas quite yet. Not by any measure. Most gun owners are familiar with the struggle to find a good case and then being forced to cut out protective foam to properly fit firearms and gear. It is a painful process that also limits the case and the protective foam to one specific purpose. 

Daka Grid
The modularity options are nearly endless. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/Guns.com)

The Magpul Daka Grid Organizer is a set of protective foam pieces with Lego-like function, designed to be arranged to custom-fit anything going into a case. The Daka Grid is currently configured to fit the Pelican V730 and V800 Vault cases, with future plans to make it available for the Pelican 1700 series and several Plano cases. 

The grid blocks are made of a chemical-resistant foam that is firm and can be easily configured thousands of different ways. This concept allows the user to have a one-case-fits-all option.

Starting off, this is simply a grid system that can be dropped into already popular cases, but Magpul intends to start offering its own series of cases with the Daka Grid built in. Magpul also hopes to expand it and plans to sell kits of custom block shapes and angles, creating nearly infinite configurations.

Magpul’s New Cases


Magpul Daka Case
On the way are secure Magpul-specific cases for the grid system. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/Guns.com)

The new Magpul cases combine the locking points into two secure latch systems that can be opened or closed with only one hand. There’s a pass-through point that is molded into the base, lid, and the latch, so you can easily secure the entire case with the addition of a padlock. 

The handles are located on both the side and top. They also have same contour as the Magpul pistol grips. Finally, the profile of the case features indents that are made for stacking to allow for sturdy and organized storage. 

Maztech X4 FCS


Plus – and this is one of the coolest things on the horizon – the Magpul/Maztech Industries X4 Fire Control System is set for release later this year.

No, really.

In case you have been in a cave and haven't heard of this, the X4 takes your own LPVO and overlays a clip-on rounds-remaining system, laser rangefinder, and all your advanced ballistics data (temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, pitch, roll, and heading) as one visual presentation inside your optic via a heads-up-display. Price is supposed to be achievable for the commercial market. 


Magpul has come a long way from the rubber magazine tabs that gave the company its name, and we all look forward to seeing what it comes up with next. 

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