BRG-USA proved to be a success for fans of affordable Turkish imports in 2022 with its BRG9 Elite. Now, in year two, they’ve debuted some much-anticipated upgrades to the lineup in the Gen 2 series, while also adding a tactical model. Here is everything you need to know about the Turkish gun being imported by Buffalo Cartridge Company

Gen 2 Shows Positive Upgrades

The first major improvement to the BRG9 Elite Gen 2 was adding aggressive grip texturing for a more secure and comfortable purchase. 

BRG9 Elite Gen 2
The number one complaint with the Gen 1 version was a lack of grip texture – Gen 2 delivers grip texture in a big way. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

While the first generation used 16-round magazines, the Gen 2 models will ship with two 18-round magazines. The ability to add a pistol optic is a must in today’s handgun market, so the addition of the optics-cut slide is a great upgrade. Unfortunately, this design update took up the space that housed the loaded chamber indicator. The gun will ship with four optics plates that mount most popular optic footprints.

The second generation BRG also features an ambidextrous slide release that is one of the easiest releases on the market, dubbed the "perfect touch."

BRG9 Elite Gen 2
BRG also added more aggressive and different slide serrations compared to Gen 1. In addition, you can now mount an optic – another huge upgrade for the Gen 2 lineup. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/


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BRG9 Tactical

It seems any modern handgun needs a tactical model that is optimized for performance. The BRG9 Tactical accomplishes that with a few added features over the standard model. 

BRG9 Tactical
The BRG9 Tactical offers everything you want from the Gen 2, plus a little extra. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Aesthetically, a few things pop out, such as the lightening-cut front serrations that reduce weight on the slide. The handgun also includes suppressor-height sights designed to co-witness with a pistol optic. Additionally, the barrel is threaded for a compensator or suppressor. The tactical model includes all the ambidextrous features of the standard BRG9 Gen 2 that was just mentioned, plus the ability to extend the magazine release for whichever side fits the shooter’s hand dominance, while the magazine release still functions from both left and right side. 

There is also a beveled magwell to make finding those reloads that much easier. A bonus 20-round magazine is included with the two standard 18-round magazines.

BRG9 Tactical
The lightening cuts reduce weight and, paired with the threaded barrel, add the cool factor. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/
BRG9 Tactical
Note the difference in mag release and lack of finger grooves on the grip. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/


Price is perhaps the most shocking and defining aspect of both handgun designs, with the standard BRG9 Gen 2 coming in at $349, while the Tactical model goes for around just $499.  

revolver barrel loading graphic