The double-stack Gen 3 Glock 28 has been on the market overseas for years but has been notoriously hard to get in the U.S. – at least until now.

Barred from import from Austria due to the somewhat bizarre restrictions of the ATF's "sporting purposes" criteria, the G28 was instead marketed primarily to consumers in Europe and Latin America. While Americans could easily shrug off the gun as the 9mm G26 and .40 S&W G27 "Baby Glocks" offered better performance in the same size, collectors in the states were left wringing their hands to fill the G28-sized hole in their safe. 

That is set to change, at least for a moment, as Glock has made a limited run of G28s in-house at its Smyrna, Georgia facility, which makes the pistol available to consumers for the first time in the United States. 

Glock G28
The G28 has a 3.43-inch barrel, standard 10+1 shot capacity with a flush-fitting magazine, and weighs 20.64 ounces, unloaded.
Glock G28
Just a hair smaller and lighter than the G26/27, the G28 is ideal for pocket or even ankle carry. 
Glock G28
The G28 and its Glock 19-sized G25 cousin were generally off-limits to U.S. consumers for the past 25 years, with an exception for guns imported for strictly LE and military channels as such sales do not have to pass the ATF's "sporting purposes" test. However, since these USA-marked G28s hail from Georgia, no such test is needed. 

The limited run is being marketed via the TALO buying group, which includes a ton of wholesaler members and retailers, so odds are high that consumers could be able to get a Georgia-crafted G28 over the next few months. Do not wait too long, though, as it is unlikely to be a regular production item. 

As for a further review, James Reeves over at TFB TV got his hot little hands on one and really seems to like it.


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