Spring has sprung and New Hampshire-based SIG Sauer has introduced a new variant of the P365 in a pleasing pastel. 

An expansion of the company's .380 ACP-chambered P365 variants, the new micro compact carry gun ditches the traditional black-on-black color scheme for a Robin's Egg blue grip module that carries a nickel-finished stainless-steel slide and matching surface controls. Meanwhile, the trigger, sights, slide optics plate, magazine base pads, and carbon steel 3.1-inch barrel all retain their traditional black finish. 


The SIG Sauer Robin's Egg P365 380
Standard features include X-RAY3 day/night sights, front and rear slide serrations, and an optics-ready slide compatible with all RomeZero Optics (RMS-C) footprint MRDs. (Photo: SIG) 
The SIG Sauer Robin's Egg P365 380
Overall length is 5.8 inches while weight, unloaded, is 15.7 ounces. Of note, this is a couple ounces less than the standard 9mm P365 variant. (Photos: SIG)

The SIG Sauer Robin's Egg P365 380 ships with two magazines.

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