CZ has gone full pistol caliber carbine this week with an addition to its newest Scorpion series of 9mm autoloaders. 

The company introduced the Scorpion 3+ line last year with a pistol that took the popular legacy Scorpion 3 and upgraded the standard with improved ergonomics, ambidextrous controls, including a new ambi bolt catch, and an AR-style mag release accessible on both sides of the frame. Further, the newer Scorpion ditched the aluminum handguard of past models in favor of a new M-LOK polymer type that does not heat up as fast. 

Following up on the Scorpion 3+ pistol, which runs a 7.8-inch barrel, and the Scorpion 3+ Micro pistol which has a 4.2-inch barrel, the new CZ Scorpion 3+ Carbine ships with a 16.3-inch barrel as well as the iconic EVO style side-folding and collapsible stock. 


CZ Scorpion 3+ series
The overall length of the CZ Scorpion 3+ Carbine (top) is 32.7 inches (24.4 inches with the stock folded), compared to the Scorpion 3+ pistol's 15.2 inches (bottom right) and the 3+ Micro's 14.6 inches. (Photos: CZ) 


As part of improvements to the lower receiver, the 9mm PCC has a redesigned magwell that has been resized, which CZ says adds more area on the handguard for large or gloved hands. In a sting to those with stacks of legacy Scorpion EVO 3 mags on hand, the new Scorpion 3+ mags are backward compatible to older models but not vice versa.

Weight, with a 20-round empty mag, is 6.8 pounds. 

MSRP on the new CZ Scorpion 3+ Carbine is $999. That's a comparative deal when compared to the rest of the series as the Micro 3+ runs $1,299.

revolver barrel loading graphic