Alabama-based Kimber has introduced two new handguns for 2023 including a 1911-style 15+1 9mm and a 6-shot .38 that hits the scales at just under a pound. 

Kimber arrived at the NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis last week with both the new KDS9c semi-auto and K6xs revolver. 

The KDS9c has a very Commander 1911-ish feel, using a 4-inch bushing-less barrel that is fully fluted, crowned, and ramped. To keep the weight down to 28 ounces (unloaded) the frame is made of 7075 aluminum and there are lots of places where metal has been etched away for better ergonomics on both the grip and the slide, with the latter having extensive front and rear serrations. The proprietary magazine gives the platform a 15+1 capacity. 

The KDS9c is optics-ready with a removable cover plate on the slide and a Holosun-K footprint. 


Kimber KDS9c 9mm doublestack
Kimber tells us they are shipping the KDS9c in both blue and silver finishes starting in August. (Photo:


MSRP on the new Kimber KDS9c series is $1,499, regardless of color. 


K6xs Carry


Kimber introduced its revolver series in 2016 and this year's new K6xs Carry model is the company's lightest yet-- coming in at 15.9 ounces. Built specifically for concealed carry and chambered in .38 SPL +P, the weight is kept down due to the aluminum alloy frame and fluted steel cylinder. With a six-shot capacity, it offers a bonus round over your typical J-frame in the same size and carries a 2-inch 5R stainless steel barrel.


Kimber K6xs revolver
Double action only (with a corresponding 9.5-11.5 pound trigger pull), it ships with Hogue rubber Cobblestone grips installed. (Photo:


MSRP on the new Kimber K6xs Carry is $679.

In other Kimber news, the final days of the EVO SP, the company's premium concealed carry striker-fired pistol, are upon us, with the line set to close in May. So if you have been putting off getting one of those, the sun's getting low. 

Photos and video by Samantha Mursan, copy by Alexander Reville and Chris Eger, video editing by Ben Philippi, copy editing by Melea Burke. 

revolver barrel loading graphic