Many people my age spend their time scrolling through TikTok and other social media accounts. With no social media to keep me company, I find myself on my phone watching Garand Thumb videos. Sometimes at work, sometimes in public at restaurants, and sometimes at 2 a.m. when I must get up early the next morning. 

Anyone familiar with GunTube, the firearm subculture that lives on YouTube, is aware of the awesome, ridiculous, and highly entertaining videos of Mike Jones – aka Daddy Garand Thumb – and the content on his massive channel. 

From honest reviews, to testing guns in the elements, to answering ridiculous questions that we all ask ourselves, to disproving false claims made by politicians, the Garand Thumb crew is here to serve up knowledge and entertainment, and I am here for it.

Here are 10 Garand Thumb videos that I think will leave you entertained, educated, and satisfied. 

Which barrel length is best for an AR-15? We perform the ultimate tests.


The AR-15 is the most popular sporting rifle in the United States. The platform is instantly recognizable, and so many people have an AR in their collection. However, even with the massive popularity, there is a lot to learn about the design and what best fits you. 

There are very few guns out that that are more influenced by cinema, video games, or even creators on GunTube. This gun design is dominated by a lot of folks who build or customize the platform to look cool, rather than serve the purpose at hand. 

This video breaks down the important nature of barrel lengths and velocities. The AR platform is known for short barrel lengths, but few people know about the downsides that accompany the 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem cartridge as the barrel length decreases. Filled with facts and visual data, videos like this are super important to consider when deciding to buy or build an AR. 

What weapons and calibers are best for home defense?


The reality of gun ownership is that many folks are going to rely on a firearm for personal defense. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a firearm for home defense, including many elements that you may not be familiar with. 

In this video, the crew breaks down the penetration of some of the most popular defensive calibers as they travel through drywall. In a stressful situation, it is appropriate to assume that most people will miss a few shots. Depending on if you live in a house or apartment, and considering those who might live with you or in proximity to you, this is a great breakdown of what is the best choice for you to use to in a home defense scenario. 

Along with training, practical tests like this are incredibly important for setting you up for success as a responsible gun owner. 

How Deadly is a Flintlock Rifle? The British hated this thing.


This just gives off massive Fourth of July vibes. Maybe it’s just me, maybe you are not into it, but if you start talking to me about the royal family too much, I’ll just send you this video. 

Am I the only one who is shocked by the massive temporary wound cavity shown in slow motion? I mean, it is super easy to write off old firearms, but videos like this reveal a major flintlock-sized hole in my collection. 

Things like this make me proud to be an American, independent, and free. In fact, I will probably stop writing this article, put on a tricorne hat, and go watch “The Patriot” right now. 

The PSAK-74 – honest review with a company that takes ownership


I have a not-so-secret love affair with 5.45 and the AK-74 platform. I also adore Palmetto State Armory and the products and culture that they have produced, bringing proud American manufacturing back to the market. 

This is a great instance where a company rushed something and didn’t do the proper quality control, owned up to it, and made the journey public to try and instill transparency and trust with the customers. 

Palmetto State gets mad respect from me for this interaction with Garand Thumb. It is refreshing to see a company put things out in the open, be honest with their customers, and try and own up to their mistakes while working hard to make them right. 

OUTRAGEOUS comment from fan – Can He Back Up His Claim? 


Reading comments on any social media platform is a great way to raise your blood pressure. We have all read a comment or two that immediately prompted our internal BS meter to hop off the charts, starting the clock on when that big blood vessel in our forehead will pop. Especially in the gun community, the strong opinions and the massive exaggerations made by folks can be so infuriating. 

In this video, Garand Thumb invites someone with an outrageous claim to come out and back his comments up on camera. This is just a wholesome exchange, with respect being earned by the individual who is willing to come out defend his claims, and by the grace and positive attitude that Garand Thumb shows to “.22 Man.”

Even thought there were no 710-yard shots with the .22, this video still has some impressive rimfire cartridge shooting made at distance. 

The Legendary 7N6 Poison bullet. How deadly is Russia's Military Ammo?


I already talked it up, but 5.45x39mm is my favorite cartridge, and this video is ballistic magic on display for all to see. Everyone loves to talk about why their favorite round is the best, but this is a visual confirmation of the undeniable power and performance of the Soviet 7n6 surplus ammo in ballistics gel.

With this being the round most used in the war in Ukraine, there is a ton of interest in the "Russian 5.56" and why it is so popular. I love seeing a little visual education on what makes 7n6 one of the best intermediate cartridges on the market.

The only thing that makes me happier than seeing 5.45 perform is disproving the false claims made by government officials when they banned this ammunition from import back in 2014. Using a few rounds, a soft armor plate, and less than two minutes of screen time, Garand Thumb proves to be vastly more capable and qualified of completing a basic ammunition test.  

Can a Rifle stop a Bullet and save your life? Bullets vs Gun


Don’t we all wish we had the money and resources to shoot at a gun? From action films to basic human curiosity, taking the time and resources to answer such a ridiculous question makes this type of content so satisfying.  

At the same time, it is sad to see the death of an AR-15. We, who are entertained, salute your sacrifice. 

The cheapest handgun, the Hi-Point


Who doesn’t know about the Hi-Point? Also, who doesn’t know someone who has a strong opinion about the Hi-Point? 

There are basically two mainstream opinions on this design: It is either the cheapest and worst handgun on the market, or it is built like a tank and incredibly reliable. This video is a realistic breakdown of one of the most inexpensive handguns on the market. 

The truth is often found in the middle. Yes, this cheap handgun can be reliable and useful, and training is the most important factor, regardless of what brand you own. At the same time, at this price point, common sense should tell you that this is not the best option out there, and it is not unstoppable. 

Basically, as we kids say, this video is based. 

Black Hawk Down M14


Many gun owners have bought a firearm that is nostalgic to cinema, video games, or some historical significance. This specific M14 checks all those boxes, all while also reminding us of the heroic actions taken by SFC Randall Shugart and MSG Gary Gordon during operation Gothic Serpent. 

Imitation is the greatest source of flattery. In a classic contradictory fashion in reference to the comments I made earlier about building ARs on looks over function, I am going to admit that I built a Black Hawk Down Colt 727 AR because it looked cool. As awesome as that 727 is, I don’t know if there is a rifle that I want more than the M14 that was inspired by SFC Randy Shugart. 

On a more personal note, this video means a lot to me because I was interviewed twice by CW4 Michael Durant for my appointment to the United States Naval Academy, and without the actions and sacrifices made by the two men who inspired this video, I would not have had that great honor. 

The US Army’s new Service Rifle - The SIG Spear / NGSW 


The SIG Sauer MCX Spear is all the talk of the town. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it just hyped up because it is the newest and shiniest of military service weapons? This is a great breakdown of a rifle that is extremely well-made, all the while questioning the validity of the need for the rifle. 

Two things can be true at once. This is a great rifle that was built with a huge emphasis on quality and performance. On the flip side, I think there are a lot of questions on the requirements and thought processes that go into the U.S. Army’s firearm acquisition process. We could take this argument all the way back to the M14 and how we ruined the FAL, but I will save that for a later discussion. 


All in all, I am continuously impressed with the quality of production and the entertainment value that the Garand Thumb channel has provided YouTube. I also love the emphasis on training, general education, and the willingness to push the boundary to ensure that people are aware of and properly exercise their Second Amendment rights.  

It was difficult to only pick 10 videos, so I may have to revisit this topic again soon.

Also, Mr. Jones, if you read this, let’s get together and do some content sometime. 

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