Palmetto State Armory on Thursday announced a trio of new 1911 series pistols in what is being dubbed the "Admiral" series. 

The three guns, all full-sized Government profile A1 models with 5-inch barrels and a flat mainspring housing, include a 10mm (the Ultra FS), a relatively plain .45 ACP (Standard FS), and a .45 ACP railgun (the Tactical FS). The guns are billed by PSA as "the perfect blend of heritage and cutting-edge technology." 

The models could be looked at as sort of a "good, better, best" offering when compared. 

The PSA Admiral M1911 A1 .45 ACP Standard FS pistol
The PSA Admiral M1911 A1 .45 ACP Standard FS pistol has GI-style straight slide serrations, a spur trigger, and WWII-style fixed sights. The grips are wood while the frame has no thumb radius cut. (Photos: PSA)
PSA Admiral M1911 A1 .45 ACP Tactical FS
PSA Admiral M1911 A1 .45 ACP Tactical FS has ramped front and rear serrations on the slide, a Picatinny accessory rail on the dust cover, extended cuts on the ejection port, and a front strap serration. The grips are double-diamond style walnut panels, while other features include MR2 trigger assembly with over travel screw, a full-length guide rod, ambi safety lever, and hi-sweep beavertail. (Photos: PSA)
The PSA Admiral M1911 A1 Ultra FS,
The PSA Admiral M1911 A1 Ultra FS, chambered in 10mm, has a rounded Combat hammer, full-length guide rod, hi-sweep beavertail grip safety, an ambi safety lever, a skeletonized trigger, ramped bull barrel, and G10 grips. (Photos: PSA)
Volant eagle
All of the guns will apparently carry a stylized volant eagle on the slide. (Photo: PSA)


While PSA fans had hoped for an affordable 2011 when the company began teasing the Admiral line earlier this week, it was soon pointed out on popular gun forums that the platforms all seem to be only gently rebranded Rock Island Armory models (i.e. the RIA Standard FS, Tactical FS and Ultra FS). RIAs are generally made in the Philippines but have a good reputation for durability. 

No pricing was available for the Admiral series at the time of publication.

revolver barrel loading graphic