Well, 2022 just seemed to fly by like a speeding train, leaving more than a few ripples along the way. As we roll into a brand-new 2023 – fingers crossed – hopefully we see another great year for Americans enjoying their Second Amendment rights. But before we get too far down the 2023 rabbit hole, let’s take a look at what gun buyers put their sights on to close out last year.

Check out all the best-selling firearms on Guns.com in December 2022 below. There were more than a few surprising winners that rose to the top of the list to close out the year. 


Kicking it off with the hottest seller, handguns, one gun rose to rule them all – the SCCY DVG-1. Now, normally we wouldn’t expect to see the DVG-1 dominate (and we do me dominate) the top sellers, but we did have a pretty sweet bargain on DVG-1s last year. 

Rolling strong into the number-two spot was another gun that had just an irresistible price tag and name, the Tisas Tanker 1911. Who doesn’t love a reliable 1911? But at a price well below $400, it’s almost impossible to resist. Tisas had another strong showing with its 1911 A1 coming in at the number-three spot. And, closing out our list, were two regular place holders among our top sellers, the Glock 43X and Springfield Hellcat. No real surprises there.


As popular as polymer is, it’s pretty rare to see an all-polymer upper and lower AR-15, much less one that absolutely crushed the competition to be the unquestionable best seller for the rifle category. ETS Arms’ Plum Crazy polymer AR had an almost inescapable lead, helped by a sub-$400 price tag. 

Coming in at number two was a gun that took 2022 by storm with the news of its release, the Marlin 1895 Trapper. We love a good lever gun here at Guns.com, and the brand-new-for-2022 Marlin Trapper turned a lot of heads. Coming in third was another new gun – Ruger’s SFAR in .308 – and it probably had a nice helping hand from a stellar review we did from our experience with the .308 AR-platform rifle. Closing out the list was another Marlin lever, the 1895 Guide Gun, closely followed by the HM Defense AR-style rifle. All in all, it was a pretty unique showing of lever-action and semi-auto rifles to end 2022, and you really couldn’t go wrong with any of the choices. 

Special mention for Henry, which may not have had an individual gun get on the list, but by far had the most variety of overall top sellers for the month. Folks were definitely in the mood for lever guns last month.


Once again, we saw the ultra-affordable GF3T easily nabbed its spot as our number-one shotgun to end 2022. Though, we do have to tip our hats to the Mossberg 88 Security because it came in at number two and just seems to always find its way onto this list as well. Affordable, reliable, and with the backing of a name like Mossberg, it’s no wonder this scattergun is always well loved. 

Taking up the bottom of the list were some more unique options, with KelTec’s KSG taking a comfortable place in third. Behind that, we had a two-way tie between the Beretta 1301 Tactical and a very, very different option with the Henry Axe. Both are a bit more on the pricier side. But, then again, they’re also thrilling options to shoot in their own unique ways.

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