Proper, safe firearms storage is a must regardless of your situation, but there are some things to consider when it comes to storing your guns. First, determine what kind of storage situation you are dealing with.

We like to break it down into two easy categories: long-term storage and ready storage.

For those of us who collect firearms, long-term storage is an obvious requirement for the hobby. But for anyone keeping a firearm for self-defense, that changes the game a bit. Here are some general considerations for either option.

Long-Term Storage

Large Gun Safe
Large safes are great – and pretty cool – but they come at a price. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

Unless you’re ready to take that gun out for a range visit or to carry it anytime soon, it’s worth looking at storing it for the long term. For this, we prefer a solid safe with the option of adding a few extras.

Gun socks in a safe
Gun socks can be a lifesaver. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

One of our go-to favorites as a storage extra is gun socks. They are affordable, help protect your firearm from dings, and also guard against damage if you experience a fire. We have a detailed article below about why gun socks rock when it comes to long-term storage.

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You also need to think about climate control. There are several options available, but anything that keeps moisture away from your gun is a positive. Gun socks can help with that, but they are not a cure for all moisture or corrosion. More on that in a second.

Moisture control
Moisture control is another thing to consider for long-term storage, so we like things like this Hornady Security dehumidifier. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

Regardless of your choice, the safe should comfortably hold the guns you own, and it should secure them from any unwanted access or theft. You can go with a thick-walled safe that is almost impenetrable. Those are nice, but pricey. Or you can get something a bit less “indestructible” or smaller but still strong enough to prevent someone from breaking into your gun collection.

If your safe is smaller, be sure someone can’t just pick up the safe and walk off. Bolt that thing down from the inside to a sturdy surface in a securable location inside your home. This also prevents it from tipping over. Then make sure you protect your keys and codes. 

As a final note, especially with larger safe, make absolutely sure that no children – or pets – have the possibility of accessing it or getting locked inside. Check twice before you close it, and make sure it is properly locked after.

large gun safe
Check twice before you close that safe, and then check twice to make sure it locked properly. You don't want anything getting inside that doesn't belong. (Photo: Paul Peterson/
ammo storage locker
And don't forget about proper ammo storage. That's a topic for another day, but we have touched on it before. (Photo: Paul Peterson/


Ready Storage


Stop Box Gun Safe
There are lots of options for ready storage, like this small StopBox. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

Of course, one of the main reasons to own a firearm is for self-defense, and that does require easy access to your firearm when you need it most for home defense. There are quite a few options for storage these days, from quick-access safes that keep your gun secure but easily accessible to even some gun cases that do much the same with a proper lock.

Stop Box Gun Safe
The gun can be secured and quickly accessed while being inside a small and convenient package for storing. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

Among our top picks are the quick-release safes or keypad safes, like the ones from StopBox, or a biometric or RFID safe like the ones from Timber Vaults. These blend in nicely and still give you easy access to your firearm.

TimberVault Gun Safe
A Timber Vault offers some clever and technological ways to store your firearm. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
TimberVault Gun Safe
While being quite nice to look at, too. And it just takes a card to open. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

If you are looking for easy access to your firearm and a bit of class, both of these options are solid. But the real key here is safety, and there are some very easy options for making sure you store your firearms safely and follow the law at the same time. Speaking of that.

It’s the Law & Our Responsibility


Larger Gun safe
Proper storage is more than just about protecting your investment. It's also the safe and right thing to do. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

It can depend on where you live, but proper firearms storage is required as the law of the land in many places and with varying rules. Regardless, it’s just the right thing to do, and it’s something we fully support at

“Storing firearms responsibly and securely when they aren’t in use is the absolute best way to prevent firearms accidents and to help keep guns out of the wrong hands,” said Greg Minkler, CEO of “As one of the largest retailers of firearms online, we want our customers to take that responsibility as seriously as we do.”

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Leaders in the firearms industry as a whole have long encouraged and even sponsored campaigns to make safe firearms storage a priority that is also easily accessible to all gun owners. One of those leading that campaign for many years has been the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearm industry trade association.

“We are so grateful for this continuing support from,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF’s president and CEO. “Such support, along with the support from the broader shooting sports industry, really helps Project ChildSafe expand its message of genuine firearms safety across the country.” is committed to safe firearms storage, and we maintain our collection of Certified Used Guns every day to the highest standards. But as members of the gun community, we also see it as an essential part of our mission to protect our own community and families.

Final Thoughts

There is no such thing as a permanent firearms storage solution. Guns require care, and that requires a regular maintenance and inspection routine. Since humidity is a key firearms killer, we also recommend using a moisture absorber like this Hornady Security dehumidifier:

gun safe dehumidifier
Again, it's not just about keeping the guns secure but also protecting what's inside from moisture and damage for long-term storage. (Photo: Paul Peterson/
Cleaning Kit
If it's worth protecting, it's worth cleaning, too. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

If you lock up your guns just to let them rust, well, that’s hardly good practice. So, and this is one of the more fun tasks, just spend some time with your guns and make sure they are in proper order. Humidity and heavy use can wear them down, but neglect can kill them.

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