It’s like being a custom Glock without actually being a custom Glock. Basically, when I first spotted this pistol, I thought it was simply a tricked-out Glock 17. Upon further investigation, I discovered it was a Lone Wolf LTD17. To give a bit of background, Lone Wolf has been manufacturing every kind of aftermarket Glock part for decades. It is what they are known for. With the creation of the LTD17, Lone Wolf basically assembled all their parts to make a whole gun of their own. 

What’s truly neat about the LTD17 is what it has to offer for the price point. This pistol has all the aftermarket upgrades but at the same price as a stock Glock. Keep in mind, even though the parts are interchangeable, this is really a different gun. 

What the LTD17 Has to Offer

Lone Wolf LTD17
Sure, the Glock 17 design is obvious, but there is more inside this gun. (Photo: Taylor Abney/

Everything on the LTD17 is an upgraded and re-engineered Glock part. As an aftermarket parts company, Lone Wolf took feedback from customers and designed this gun to address them. The biggest change is the Timberwolf frame, which provides a 1911 grip angle and much thinner sides. 

Those who are not a fan of the traditional Glock grip angle will love this. My favorite part is the removal of the finger grooves. The stippling provides good traction, and the circumference is smaller overall. Further frame enhancements include an extended beaver tail and deep undercut, all of which comes together to allow a higher grip. 

The slide has cuts to reduce weight and is milled for an optic. The particular LTD17 I tested came with a Vortex Venom and True Glow front and rear sights, though they don’t co-witness. It also sports a stainless-steel guide rod and upgraded threaded barrel, which means running it suppressed can be an option. Other details include oversized takedown levers. Personally, I like these quite a bit, and the added length makes disassembly easy. 

For some people, these can be felt when shooting and are uncomfortable, which is something to note. An extended slide stop makes racking easy, and a large magazine release allows for quick magazine drops. Looking at the magazine well, you’ll be pleased to see the “Glock gap” is replaced with a tapered entry that has a removable collar.

Here are some additional specifications:

Weight: 19 ounces
Barrel Length: 4 inches
Overall Length: 7.16 inches
Width: 1.13 inches
Height: 4.77 inches 
Trigger Pull: 6.5 pounds 



Lone Wolf LTD17
The LTD17 has a lot of room for customization. (Photo: Taylor Abney/

It is really enjoyable to shoot the LTD17. If you want something sportier, this sure addresses that. Pulling the trigger, you’ll find the take-up and reset are much shorter and crisper than your average Glock. It also cycles faster and shoots flatter. That’s all thanks to the slide modifications and polished interior. 

The smooth magazine well was very welcome for reloads. The smaller Timberwolf frame made a huge difference in terms of comfort and indexing. I pulled out the stock G17 and ran some drills with the two guns. I even took a moment to shoot them at the same time, with different hands of course. 

Very clearly, the LTD17 is performance focused. Comparing it to the Glock felt familiar, yet it wasn’t truly relatable in terms of class and offerings. Between the improved ergonomics and upgraded components, I found this pistol to be a great treat. 

How Does It Stack Up?

Side by side with a stock G17, the differences are very noticeable. Size, grip, and shooting characteristics are all improved. The upgrades are great, and they are in line with what most people typically make when customizing their Glock. As a known and respected USA-made aftermarket parts company, Lone Wolf has made a solid pistol with the LTD17. Ultimately, if you are a Glock fan and enjoy upgrades, the LTD17 is worth a solid look.

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