For years Mossberg was known for its ability to make some of the best pump-action shotguns in the market. Now, they are making waves in the concealed carry world with features and reliability that are sure to please. 

The company’s first offering came by way of the MC1sc, gathering fanfare at SHOT Show 2019 due to it being the first handgun Mossberg had manufactured in over 100 years. Not to be outdone, the gun maker followed up with another darling at SHOT Show 2020 -- the larger, MC2c. 

The MC2c has quietly made a name for itself as a good concealed carry pistol; so, we took the new model for a test drive to see how the latest iteration handled.

The Specs and How it Stacks Up

The MC2c is a compact gun with a 4-inch barrel and overall length measuring 7-inches. It offers a width of 1.1-inches, with a height of 4.9-inches -- making it a nice concealed carry option. The 13+1 round capacity also means it’s a capable firearm for home defense as well.

The MC2c comes with standard 3-dot sights. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Comparing it to my own Ruger SR9c, it measures longer and taller, but also thinner. The slide is stainless steel with either a DLC finish or matte stainless finish. The slide brings serrations at both the front and back, which is a nice feature. Up top, my test model came with a traditional, white 3-dot setup, but Mossberg offers models with Tritium Night Sights if that's more your style.

The mag release is reversible for southpaws, and it comes with some nice texturing in just the right places on the frame. Finally, the pistol provides an integral accessory rail for mounting a light or laser. 

The Feel and Function

I enjoyed the ergonomics of the MC2c, and it felt great in the hands. The gun features a large beavertail, which naturally seated my hand. This is a nice perk, as I didn’t have a single issue with slide bite. The grip texture, where applicable, is quite aggressive. An overly aggressive grip texture isn’t something I like, but because it was only added in select areas, it was a welcome feature as it made getting a secure grasp easier.

In addition to the grip texture in all the typical places, Mossberg also opted to put a little above the trigger guard. This is a nice feature as it gives you a consistent spot to index your trigger finger. The mag release and the slide release are both placed in a way that makes them accessible, without having to readjust grip. They also both functioned with ease with single-digit manipulation.

The flat-faced trigger is a nice addition to the platform. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The biggest innovation from Mossberg, on both the MC2c and the MC1sc, could be their patented Mossberg Safe Takedown System. This feature allows the gun to be disassembled without a trigger pull or dropping the striker -- a sticking point for some people. Instead, with the gun locked open, users remove the endplate and the striker, and that’s pretty much it. Move the slide forward and take out the recoil spring, and the gun is totally disassembled. 

Shooting the MC2c

The trigger is the star of the show on this gun. I enjoyed the short travel, at around a half-inch, and the short spring-assisted reset. These two features combined made follow up shots easy and accurate. Mossberg took the plunge and jumped on the flat-faced trigger bandwagon, which I liked. 

The flat-faced trigger offers a better area to place the pad of my trigger finger, adding up to tighter groups. The half-inch of travel to the wall isn’t bad, and there isn’t any “sand” or “grit.” When you hit the wall, there is a clean break and a short distance back to the audible, tactile trigger reset point. 

The flat-faced trigger, combined with a short reset, was a joy to shoot, making follow-up shots on target a breeze. The mags also proved in top working condition, as there wasn't a single issue with feeding or mags dropping free. A bright, orange follower also ensures you see when the gun is empty.

I put a little over 500 rounds through this gun with zero issues. It proved both reliable and accurate.


The Mossberg MC2c runs well, making it a great addition to arsenal. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The Mossberg MC2c made a quiet debut at SHOT Show 2020, probably because it’s a no-frills double-stack concealed carry handgun. Its simplistic approach is the reason it’s actually so exciting -- this gun is reliable and runs quite well. What else is needed? 

With a capacity of 13+1 or 15+1 with the extended magazine, it makes for a great concealed carry gun or home defense weapon. 

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